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A String of Pearls

It was December 4, 2020. It was around 6:15 pm Pacific Standard Time. I was out looking at the night sky watching the planets. Jupiter and Saturn have not appeared to move in several months. Now Saturn is about to overtake Jupiter in the night sky. I am watching Mars because it is approaching Jupiter and Saturn. I am watching to see if Mars will catch up to Jupiter and Saturn and form a perfect triangle like they did when Jesus was born.

Suddenly I saw a String of Pearls in the Night…


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The Virus, Is It A Message?

I do not wear a mask, but I do take precautions. Social distancing is easy in a small town. I walk to the meadow allot.

Spiritually speaking it's "Mind over matter" or the "Right Use of Free Will." Remember the placebo effect? People thought that sugar water was medicine and many were healed. "Greater Things than I ye can do if only ye Believe." (The Messiah)

I believe that the CV 19 virus is from the Earthly Mother, I am of the Earthly Mother. As long as I Love, Respect and…


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VI. The Last Best Hope For Planet Earth.

"The new international view of life which places humanity before all nations has produced a greater level of cooperation among many nations. The Earth has the potential to become a global community; this does not require that nations disappear, but on the contrary, submerged groups of people will continue to emerge as new countries. But Earth is too small and too populated to continue in any wasteful competition; cooperation at global and regional levels is already necessary in many…


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The Lady in the Water

"Once, man and those in the water were linked. They inspired us.They spoke of the future. Man listened and it became real. But man does not listen very well.

Man's need to own everything led him deeper into the land. The magic world of the ones that lived in the ocean and the world of man separated.

Through the centuries, their world and all the inhabitants of it stopped trying. The world became more violent. War upon war played out as there were no guides to listen to. Now…


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Smoke For Weeks.

About 5 weeks now, this is normal (?). We can not see Spring Hill which is 1 mile away.

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Smokey Sun

Smokey Sun allows us to see something eclipse the sun. It's happening around 7:30 pm PST. It happened again last night. One of my friends took a photo. Others are talking.

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The Raven Speaks.

A few months back fiber optic cable was installed. Today, they began installing "Smart Meters" in our homes. The ravens were attacking one another.

Troubled, I asked them what was wrong. This one flew right by me and landed on the nearby telephone line. Then it started attacking the newly installed cable lines at the fittings. Our friends are talking to us, lets listen to them.…


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I Believe in Jesus, Not in Christianity

It's sad. I was raised up white, baptized Catholic, commune to the Messiah every moment of my life, yet so many fellow Christians judge me as demonic. The Messiah does not.

The Bible tells me the Creator gave me "Free Will". What that means I am free to intrepid the Bible according to my beliefs. Where Christians and I differentiate, is I only read the Gospels. When Jesus came, the Old Testament was over. Throw it out.

Jesus came and corrected several mistakes of the Old…


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The Warning Signs (wake up capitalists)

This year, the West Coast burned from Central Oregon to San Diego, California. Fire is the universal symbol for purification. In about 30 days, the San Andres Fault has had 5 earthquakes, 3 over 6.0 magnitude. Three on 1 day, 2 on another day about 30 days later. All signs that the Earth is out of balance because We, Her Children have turned away from the Natural Laws of the Universe. The Earth's resources are not to be toiled for profit.

Honor Thy Earthly Mother, Honor Thy Heavenly…


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Trickle Down Economics, (Reganomics) The Destroyer of the World.

The rich consider the poor like a life threatening or social disease. It's ruining our country some say, but they forget, they like the poor were born with no wealth and will leave the world with no wealth; they forget that we are all connected; We are all One Family, One with the Creator.

All were created with One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Word.

The Word is Love, Love as God loves, to become Godlike.

One world leader claims to be so rich, that he could give every…


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The Sleeping Dragon.

A very special cloud formation. From town, Mt. Shasta this cloud was calling me to take it's photo. I knew a spot near Weed where it would be a great location to photograph both the cloud with the mountain in the background. So off I went.

On my way there, I turned left to drive on the frontage road. I drove about 100 feet and saw the perfect spot to photograph…


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The Flame

Dearly beloved, my best friend, brother to all and Messiah, has asked me to share this very important message with you.

"I gave unto thee a covenant that 'I should go and prepare a place for thee' ... and return,

that where I go, there ye might go also.

Have I not returned? Have ye prepared thyself to return with me?

It is now come when many are here upon the earth which come even as I am come

that ye may return with me. This is the day for which thee has…


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The Sacred Path of My Life

From a very early age, 5, I have had several out of body experiences where in times of loneliness and despair my spirit would leave my body and fly over a large body of water and eventually I would come to a plains tribal village.

It was an autumn day, I could see many tepees in the village. The village was nestled on the banks of a river, above the village were rolling hills with tall pines, to the west was the river were the bluffs that were carved the river meandered through the…


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A Meeting With a Lakota Woman

A few months back, I met a Lakota woman in town. There were allot of Lakota's here.


As a Catholic, I have always wanted to ease the pain the Christians have wrongly caused the tribes. I read their books, learned their culture. I went to Catholic school. I learned their ways. In 2nd grade we were learning from the Bible of how those who live in Harmony with the Creator's laws are disease Free. Then I had my first vision, it was of a plains tribal people. It's a…


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A Simple Prayer

One thing that worries me, is so many people fear God the Father or the Messiah.

Fear not dear ones, there is nothing They treasure more than to be called "Friend" or "Brother".

So in times of despair, remember, one's True Life's desire is to be loved so one must be feeling unloved. They know of your earthly failures so do not be afraid. There is nothing to hide.

Simply pray,

Dear Creator, I desire to feel Your Love,

Dear Creator, I desire to embrace Your Love,…


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The Murdering of Sacred Flower Meadow (1978-2017)

The Murdering of Sacred Meadow, The White Mountain

(Panther Meadow, Mount Shasta, California)

My first visit to Mount Shasta was February 1978. The New Age movement was a whisper. By 1987, it was the hot spot. The New Age Rainbow People were having a gathering at Panther Meadow, hereafter Sacred Flower Meadow, (Wintu) for the Harmonic Convergence. Over 5,000 people showed up, including me. I didn't go there to be part of the Rainbow Gathering.

After experiencing a Total…


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Meeting With the Messiah At Sacred Flower Meadow, The White Mountain

One of the biggest obstacles most people face is that they forget to trust in Spirit. Spirit is being One with thy highest self. To comprehend this I would like to share my two favorite Divine encounters. Both have simple messages.

1. At the moment of the Harmonic Convergence I met the Archangel Gabriel near Sacred Flower Meadows. At the end of our encounter I asked Him if there was a message for the people. Gabriel said, "Tell them they never left the Kingdom." (heaven)



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On May 17,2017, The angels said.

Such sadness today. Sptember 1989 my girlfriend, was taken from me by Valerie when she was pregnant with daughter, Sarah. Their abduction was not & will not be investigated. The angels tell me Johanna lives on heavy guilt & is considering suicide because of authorities gross negligence & obstruction of Justice. I don't want Sarah to experience that. Please pray 4 my family.

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In Loving Memory of Johanna Varin Aldrich. (9/25/48 - 5/21/17?)

I believe Johanna has passed. Early Sunday morning I working in the garden & I kept seeing the shadow of an eagle soaring above me. I looked up & it was a flock of vultures circling above me, telling me death was near.

A few hours later a raven landed in front of me 3 times, symbolizing a journey into the unknown was near. The sun had double rainbow rings around it. Later I saw 7 rainbow dragon clouds. (Local lore). To me dragons are angelic creatures aiding our…


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