One thing that worries me, is so many people fear God the Father or the Messiah.
Fear not dear ones, there is nothing They treasure more than to be called "Friend" or "Brother".
So in times of despair, remember, one's True Life's desire is to be loved so one must be feeling unloved. They know of your earthly failures so do not be afraid. There is nothing to hide.

Simply pray,
Dear Creator, I desire to feel Your Love,
Dear Creator, I desire to embrace Your Love,
Dear Creator, I desire to become Your Love.

You will feel the Creator's Love sparkling inside of you. This is what the Creator desires most,
is to Be there for you at all times. Think of this prayer as your own personal Holy Communion with the Creator. Some call it " Salvation", but I call it "Home Sweet Home " (for there is nowhere else I would rather be).

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