The Murdering of Sacred Flower Meadow (1978-2017)

The Murdering of Sacred Meadow, The White Mountain
(Panther Meadow, Mount Shasta, California)

My first visit to Mount Shasta was February 1978. The New Age movement was a whisper. By 1987, it was the hot spot. The New Age Rainbow People were having a gathering at Panther Meadow, hereafter Sacred Flower Meadow, (Wintu) for the Harmonic Convergence. Over 5,000 people showed up, including me. I didn't go there to be part of the Rainbow Gathering.

After experiencing a Total Eclipse, (I could hear the moon's shadow rumbling louder and louder as it approached. The birds went quiet.) I was returning home from Oregon. I was just above Yreka when I saw a ring of clouds circling the mountain, looking like a halo near her peak. I knew it was a heavenly sign. I promised then, "I will return."

Originally, I was making plans to be at Chaco Canyon for the Harmonic Convergence to avoid the Rainbow gathering on Mount Shasta. The Harmonic Convergence was a large group of people, (250,000) gathering worldwide to pray for world Peace at a synchronized moment in time. A unified prayer.

Then one night I dreamed the Earthly Mother was disappointed with me for choosing Chaco Canyon when SHE said, "You promised." I watched myself make that promise on that magical morning and off to Mount Shasta I went with my friend Greg. We went to check out the Rainbow gathering at Sacred Flower Meadow.

Sacred Flower is a tiny meadow, maybe the size of a football field and it was full. As we started to enter the meadow there was a woman meditating next to the trail. We stopped. Then started looking for a camping spot. Suddenly the woman meditating said, "I feel someone watching me." It felt so negative since we were gathering to pray for "world peace"; I left. No welcoming committee. My first and last Rainbow Gathering.

I found a group of campers who had also felt uncomfortable there and left. The next morning I met the Archangel Gabriel. Likewise, they all had their own Divine encounters. We all gave thanks to the Rainbows for not accepting us as their equals. The next 5 years we met at that sacred area and celebrated our kinship because these Sacred Beings had brought us together.

In 1996 I was invited to the Taos Pueblo Peoples' Summer Solstice Ceremonies. I started thinking about how nice it would be to be on Mount Shasta because in Mount Shasta the locals claim the mountain is sacred and that only there could one meet the ascended masters. Suddenly the Earthly Mother cries out; "The Mountain Has No Power. It's All Me! You Are the Power. You can create that energy anywhere you are."

The Earthly Mother is outraged by the deceptive New Age Shastafarians' (is the name the New Agers and Rainbows living call themselves here) mystical cult-like belief that, "The Mountain Wants You Here." Why? Because the Shastafarians are murdering the meadow to make themselves millionaires.

I call it murder because the mountain is timeless and after 30 plus years the meadow has seen tens of thousand of visitors. Sacred Flower is being trampled to death. For the size of the meadow it's too much human and dog traffic, too much animal waste and not all is disposed of properly.

The Shastafarians are selling the Wintu's Sacred Flower Meadow as a their Sacred gathering spot and market it internationally. They keep on coming and there is no end in sight. A 12 mile journey to Sacred Flower can cost as much as a $1,000. or to a waterfall, $350. They claim to be experts on channeling the space aliens and charge handsomely for it.

They take large groups into the meadow to make contact, but none have. The truth is, if the space aliens wish to make contact with you, they will come to where you are. The tribes call this, "Indian Time", meaning that only when one is ready in their body, mind and spirit to receive such a blessing, will it come. My best local UFO sighting was in downtown Mt. Shasta around 5am hovering above the police station which is across the street from me. It was a giant luminous sphere of white light that made no sound as it moved south at treetop level down Mt. Shasta Blvd. (My 1st sighting was in 1978 over the Monterey Bay.)

The Shastafarians are selling spirituality from a limited 3rd dimensional point of view. To some, Jesus Christ was only an ascended space alien. They teach the Lemurians or space aliens will save us from devastating 3rd dimensional earth changes so "hands off", but the Ascension of Humanity is the end of the 3rd Dimension. Life as we know it is over. So what are they selling?

I refer to them as a cult because these alleged ascended masters are rewriting history. They claim to be the new authority regarding divine matters on the planet. Like the Christians of old only they can aide one in their Ascension or Salvation. They claim to have the divine ability to; (a) remove blockages, (b) activate your Christ heart or DNA codes (?) (c) align, etc and charge handsomely for their services. They are becoming millionaires of the Great Ascension of Humanity. In essence, they are profiteering.

I refer to them as a cult because if One does not channel as they do or as they say; One is not enlightened. I am still pursuing my daughters and her mother's abduction even though the authorities will not because the three of us still suffer. As one said, "There must be something wrong with you." There goes my inalienable Right to "Free Will" to bring healing to my heal my daughter's or her mother's heart?

One such enlightened individual, Elizabeth, (her disguise name) said to me after I had paid to attend her seminar, "Why would they send you to me?" (Why should she care about why I was sent?) Elizabeth knew I met the Archangel Gabriel and still she judged me as less than her; as do they all. She never cleared any blockages, but created this one for she claims to be the one who will lead us home, then she questions as to why you were sent. (The lady from the meadow.)

In contrast, when I discussed this matter with a psychic she replied; "You are the oldest soul on the planet. 355,000 incarnations. The maximum amount allowed. There is nothing I can tell you that you do not already know. I am not allowed to advise you." No Shastafarian claiming to be an Ascended Master has ever said that.

They invited the world to see their mystical scared place. Thousands come for it is a pilgrimage for many, many more are coming, many choose to live on the streets or national forests just to be here. This newer group of younger transients believe the new age channelers are frauds because there was no immediate remedies. They forget that 1,000 years is one day to the Creators'.

They stake claims on unused or public land, camp on it if possible, or at abandoned businesses and scope the yards or looking for gardens or orchards to plunder, (my yard is targeted yearly). They have little respect for the elders. Now do you understand why the Earthly Mother says, "The mountain has no power."?

She is the mountain and the source of its power. She gives you "Free Will" to come and go as you please; to believe as you please, including thoughts about channeling being forbidden. I do. She has a veil around me, hence channelers are blocked. Any true Ascended Master would have known that.

If these people are the Ascended Masters they claim to be; 1. Then why are they so greedy for earthly wealth is fleeting at best. Only LOVE is eternal. 2. Why are they not Messiah-like?

They are targeting the upper middle class, not the poor. I overheard one man saying to his wife on his cell phone, "I will get them to open their hearts and then they will open up their pocketbooks. Trust me honey. I will come home with thousands." He was talking about a weekend event. To attend one of their seminars can cost me over one third of my monthly income. I would not be able to pay rent. How does that please the Creators?

The Shastafarians' response; "It's because our work is so important." It's called "Entitlement" here. It's the Shastafarians who want you here to sell their New Age propaganda. There is no Golden City of Telos in the mountain, it is a temple. I have been inside. That night a UFO was seen hovering over my tent all night. I had my "Teardrop Vision" and I was shown Humanity's Eternal Destiny seven million years from now. All this Earthly pain is not even a ripple in the Infinite Sea of Eternal Peace that is Heaven. It's just another teardrop whose pain is instantly absorbed by the Infinite Sea of Eternal Peace and nothing remains but Love.

The purpose of life in the third dimensional world is to learn to love, even thy enemies as the Creators love you, us, Humanity. Many obstacles will be placed before us, whereas earth is a proving ground. The lessons are to Master Our Emotions. By claiming to be able to remove such obstacles or blockages are they not interfering with the Creator's will? How is One going to learn to Master the Emotion of Love?; or get to Know the Presence of God? or Become a Messiah-like Temple of Peace?

Religion is developing ones' relationship with the Creators. What gives them the right to claim they can clear, activate, align, awaken, fine tune, balance, accelerate, expand or heal when the Messiah claims this can only be accomplished through One's belief that; One is One with the Creator, are All Things Are Possible. Only then is One free from all earthly blockages. Take faith.

Faith is believing that you are One with the Creator, always have been. Life is about developing that Sacred Relationship with the Creator. So what do the Creators' want? The simplest answers are the best; be thy brothers' keepers, be kind, be imitators of God, to Love as God Loves and to make Peace thy every desire for Humanity is only a drop of water in an Endless Sea of Eternal Peace and Bliss.

Every time we seek Peace, the Messiah Blesses us. Every time He Blesses us, we enter a State of Grace. In this State of Grace, The Christ Presence is Awakened, Activated, Aligned, Accelerated, Balanced, Expanded, Fine Tuned and Healed without the need for an Ascended Master fees or services.

Like Satin tempting Jesus in the desert, one can not sell someone something they already have, the Kingdom of Heaven is within. There is no disease on earth, just people living in dis-ease. Seek Peace to become dis-ease free.

It's the New Age Spiritual/Rainbow group that is suffocating the economy, the community and according to the USFS and the local tribes are destroying Sacred Flower Meadow. The Great Ascension of Humanity is not for planet Earth, but the entire universe. There are seven universes ascending.Therefore the Lemurians will not save humanity.

Look at Life through the Creator's Eyes for once. Planet Earth is not even a distant spec of Light on the Creator's horizon.

Around August 18, 2004 I saw a blue and white helicopter land at Sacred Flower Meadow. Later we learned and that someone had left a relatives cremated remains in the springs headwaters. Around 2015 the Wintu petitioned for and received a federal court order to start closing the meadow and it was enforced by the USFS on July 4th of that year.

In closing I will share my 2003 Mount Shasta vision with you. When I thought of the area, I would see a lush, green, endless redwood forest basking in Golden Sunlight from Weed looking north into Oregon. Nothing like it is today. Then I was shown the same area again as it is today. This time it was pitch black, void of any LIGHT. I do not interpret this vision to mean their are no true Light Workers here, rather that for every True Light Worker there are thousands of deceivers.

The upper middle class, including some doctors, lawyers, marijuana farmers, ranchers and New Agers have created a barter system that enslaves us all. For every hour of time they, the elitists give us; we the alleged unenlightened, common people have to give them five hours of time. Allot pay with product, so people have no cash and must sell their tokens on the street or get stranded here, myself since 2004. A law enforcement nightmare.

More millionaires per capita live in Mount Shasta than any other city in California and Siskiyou County is the poorest in the state. Now they want to create a new state, the State of Jefferson. Please do not surrender your spiritual power to this type of deceptive New Age Spiritual healers because the Presence of the Creator is within.

Please honor the Earthly Mother and the Wintu tribe by not camping there. She is dying and so are the Wintu people and the enlightened Shastafarians are not shedding a single tear. It's bad for business. According to the tribes, when the Creator created the Earth, He put one foot on the mountain to over-see His Creation and that footprint is called Sacred Flower Meadow.

She is a Sacred Temple. Honor Her as such. Day use only. Please see the Planet Earth through the Creator's Eyes, She is not even a distant spec of Light on the Creator's infinite horizon. Seek peace in every encounter for this life is but a blink of an eye in Our Eternal Relationship with the Creators. Don't get attached to this limited 3rd Dimensional view on life for I have seen your spiritual futures and "You have never left the Kingdom".

Armageddon, is the end of life as we know it, no more physical earth or need of earthly beliefs, no more materialism, religions or judgments so what the Shasrafadians offer the world is meaningless. That is why the Earthly Mother has cried out to me, her oldest son, "The Mountain Has No Power.".

Thomas M. Goldenheart aka Boangerges

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