Meeting With the Messiah At Sacred Flower Meadow, The White Mountain

One of the biggest obstacles most people face is that they forget to trust in Spirit. Spirit is being One with thy highest self. To comprehend this I would like to share my two favorite Divine encounters. Both have simple messages.

1. At the moment of the Harmonic Convergence I met the Archangel Gabriel near Sacred Flower Meadows. At the end of our encounter I asked Him if there was a message for the people. Gabriel said, "Tell them they never left the Kingdom." (heaven)

2. Sometime later Gabriel took me out of body while driving along the long and winding Merced River Canyon Road into Yosemite. We watched me driving. I could hear my thoughts. I could see what I was looking at. I could hear the car stereo playing.

Then instantly I was on Mount Shasta at Sacred Flower Meadow standing before the Messiah, the Archangels Gabriel and Michael. We watched me driving into Yosemite. This is when I took my Vow of Service to Humanity to bring them home.

We refer to this period as "Lifting the Veil of the Illusion of Separation.". God and man are One. This is when the Messiah gave me this message; " You live in two worlds, Heaven & Earth."

During the entire time of this Sacred Encounter we were watching me drive into Yosemite as I have described and my Heavenly Body was standing before the three Sacred Beings.

"You live in two worlds, Heaven and Earth." Bask in the comfort of that knowledge and One will remember, One will awaken, One will empower One's Highest Self, the God Presence within.

"You Never Left the Kingdom" of Heaven.

Please walk in Peace.

Thomas M. LeRose

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