It's sad. I was raised up white, baptized Catholic, commune to the Messiah every moment of my life, yet so many fellow Christians judge me as demonic. The Messiah does not.

The Bible tells me the Creator gave me "Free Will". What that means I am free to intrepid the Bible according to my beliefs. Where Christians and I differentiate, is I only read the Gospels. When Jesus came, the Old Testament was over. Throw it out.

Jesus came and corrected several mistakes of the Old Scriptures practice by all. Worldly Scriptures say, "eye for an eye" or "death to the infidel" ; Jesus says, "Turn the other check", "Love Thy Enemy". No more abusing women,"Let thee who is perfect throw the first stone." and my Favorite is "To Love as God Loves."

I no longer read the Bible because it is so misused. People are always threatening they Brethren with eternal damnation, calling everyone sinners, INSTEAD of focusing on the positive aspects of the Bible.

"You are the image and likeness of God" (You were created perfect)

"You are to be imitators of God" Bless all who come before you.

"Judge not lest you be judged." Because all judgments are based upon your experiences, your realities and they may not be theirs.

"Be a Good Samaritan." Help all in need.

"To Love as God loves." Treat everyone as if they were the Creator for the Creator lives in our Hearts. Our Heart is the Creator's Temple.

In Genesis, The Tribal Way of Honoring the Mother Earth is clearly evident. God tells us He can be found in the streams and rivers, the meadows and the fields, in the mountains and sky above. They live by the Original Law found in Genesis.

More importantly, I have found and fully embrace the Sevenfold Gospel of Peace. (not in the Bible) Jesus says, "The Earthly Mother and I are One, I have my roots in Her and She takes Her delight in Me." Maybe this is why the Bible says, "God will destroy the destroyers of the Earth." and the Hopi refer to this as "The Great Purification".

Yes world, Jesus did walk with the Hopi, they called HIM the Mesahau (Messiah), Their TRUE White Brother. I would Love to see a Hopi or Lakota elder, read the Bible, then give us the tribal interpretation of those scriptures. The parts that don't ring true, disregard. The parts that do ring true, please enlighten world with a different point of view. God is infinite, the Bible is only a Word.

The Christians focus on Jesus the man and call Him GOD. However Jesus refers to Himself several times as the Son of God. the Right Hand of the Father, The First Man God Created. I focus of the Messiah's Mission clearly found in the Gospel of Peace. The Bible says that Jesus says; "Let not thy heart be trouble, he would believes in God, believes also in me." Jesus says everyone prays to the Heavenly Father and everyone toils in the Vineyard of the Earthly Mother.

I believe in Jesus, the Messiah and His Gospels, but not the Christian interpretation of them. I also believe the Tribes have always honored Jesus, the Messiah, but by a different name. They are a Peaceful people. Jesus taught, "When you walk in Peace, you are a co-worker of God." The Messiah lives with those who walk in Peace and the Tribes call this devotion to Peace; "Walking The Red Road."

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Comment by Thomas Goldenheart on February 21, 2018 at 4:58pm

Not so much re-written, bur re-defined. Christians believe you are nothing without God, they also teach we have no power because all our great deeds are the works of God, so what they are really saying is that God is a part of you. So why all the Bible thumping? Jesus never wanted the world to know of His Miracles for that very reason. Jesus is about Peace, just like the Tribes, They are family, They are one, "all my relations". Now to convince the Christians.

Comment by Ms. Down-to-Earth on February 20, 2018 at 7:09am

I think some of the Bible's passages need to be updated and re-written for modern times

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