Trickle Down Economics, (Reganomics) The Destroyer of the World.

The rich consider the poor like a life threatening or social disease. It's ruining our country some say, but they forget, they like the poor were born with no wealth and will leave the world with no wealth; they forget that we are all connected; We are all One Family, One with the Creator.

All were created with One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Word.
The Word is Love, Love as God loves, to become Godlike.

One world leader claims to be so rich, that he could give every citizen under his jurisdiction one million pieces of gold and he would only loose a small portion of his enormous wealth. With today's high interest rates, his "lost" income would be recovered in only a matter of weeks. He is only a man, and there are thousands of people like him, people who could solve the poverty problems.

"Much ado about nothing." As the Beatles, George Harrison wrote, "I, I, Me, Me, Mine." Great profits being made of would should be considered a public service, a good deed, a good Samaritan, for it is for the common good of all people, for we are thy brothers keepers and all the world's people have inalienable rights.

So please make Peace with yourself and your Brethren. Is this not the Lesson the prophets and the Messiah have given you, has given me? To make peace with every encounter? To Love as God Loves. You can make it easy or you can do the Armageddon Dance. The Decision is yours.

You were created by a Peaceful, Blissful and Loving God, Heaven is a Sea of endless Peace and Bliss, Humanity is a drop of water in the Sea of Peace. All the world's problems are not even a ripple in the Creator's endless Sea of Peace.

So why not become One with the Creator's endless Sea of Peace? What choice do you really have? It is your ultimate destination. All aboard, next stop, Heaven.

Peace starts today, it starts with me, it starts with you, it starts with us every time we say; "Peace Be With You friend." Amen.

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