"The new international view of life which places humanity before all nations has produced a greater level of cooperation among many nations. The Earth has the potential to become a global community; this does not require that nations disappear, but on the contrary, submerged groups of people will continue to emerge as new countries. But Earth is too small and too populated to continue in any wasteful competition; cooperation at global and regional levels is already necessary in many areas.

The emerging spirit of human fellowship and tolerance, yea, even the appreciation for the "crazy quilt" of peoples, customs, beliefs and differences in the education and achievements, could with world goodwill lead to a more universal civilization of diversity and acceptance.

The term "religious wars" or "holy war" is a contradiction in the terms, or spiritual or cosmic view would embrace non-violent adjustments of all differences and seek mutual fellowship among all peoples - and ultimately this view could spread to "reverence for life" as expounded by Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) for life is sustained everywhere by the light of the same sun; the same forces within living materials and similar biological processes of each form of life."

(Writing of Jerome Percival Pickard / Future Blueprints 1/21/91)

Mr. Picard is one of the co-authors of the Uranita Book

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