Dearly beloved, my best friend, brother to all and Messiah, has asked me to share this very important message with you.

"I gave unto thee a covenant that 'I should go and prepare a place for thee' ... and return,
that where I go, there ye might go also.

Have I not returned? Have ye prepared thyself to return with me?

It is now come when many are here upon the earth which come even as I am come
that ye may return with me. This is the day for which thee has waited."

I am the One called Jesus of Nazareth, now called Sananda, Son of God.

(He is coming for the Tribes, The Peaceful peoples.)

Why does the civilized world choose war over Peace?
choose personal wealth over the Brotherhood of Man?

The funny thing is;
the people of the civilized world pray to God to deliver them from evil,
but how can God do that when the people selfishness
is the very evil the seek deliverance from?


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Comment by Thomas Goldenheart on February 8, 2018 at 1:19pm

I love this Michael. it's what I love about the tribes. These words were spoken before. I have read them in the Bible too. The Creator's handiwork, when two hearts think and act as one. Peace is the only path. All the tribes have chosen well. Thee are Blessed.

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