A few months back, I met a Lakota woman in town. There were allot of Lakota's here.


As a Catholic, I have always wanted to ease the pain the Christians have wrongly caused the tribes. I read their books, learned their culture. I went to Catholic school. I learned their ways. In 2nd grade we were learning from the Bible of how those who live in Harmony with the Creator's laws are disease Free. Then I had my first vision, it was of a plains tribal people. It's a proven fact that before the arrival of the White Man, the tribes were disease free.

I wrote my paper, The Mark of the Beast is WWW, not 666 based upon a Lakota vision from the 1800's about the White Man being a spider and another paper I have not posted here because it is about being visited by Crazy Horse's Angelic Presence. This woman is related to Sitting Bull. Truly, this was meant to be, this was Indian Time. So we talked.

So I started the conversation about the paper I had written based upon a Lakota vision. I expressed to her my sadness that in this "spiritual community" there is little compassion towards the plight of the Red Race. Off to a good start.

Then I told her I was a Catholic, the Lakota's worse enemy. She was surprised and she agreed, the Lakota do not like Catholics. I said, was an altar boy, spoke Latin and wanted to be a priest. I left the church because I did not agree with the way it taught the Bible.

I quoted my favorite Bible verses and explained how the Christians did not understand what they were reading. She agreed with my interpretations, as opposed to traditional Catholics.

Then I offered her my three papers. She shoved them back at me. So I said, but they are about the Lakota people. Then she wanted them back to read.

A week later I stopped by to see her. She said, "I see Jesus is not the problem. I see the Bible is not the problem. It's the Christian interpretation of the Bible that is the problem."

I said, "that's why every tribal person should read the bible, not to be converted but to know it. The next time a Christian tries to convert a Lakota, they can quote their favorite Bible verse and say, but that's not what it says here."

Jesus taught, anyone who walks in Peace is a coworker of the Creator, He taught us to serve the Creator by becoming a Temple of Peace in our body, mind and heart. The tribes are a peaceful people.

The tribes count cou, they are saying I could have killed you, but choose not too. Jesus taught, turn the other cheek. Put the two beliefs together as one and we get,

I could have killed you if I wanted too, but since I love the Creator, I choose not too and I will turn the other cheek by walking away and leaving you in peace.

She now introduces me as, "The Catholic who Loves the Lakota."

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