It was December 4, 2020. It was around 6:15 pm Pacific Standard Time. I was out looking at the night sky watching the planets. Jupiter and Saturn have not appeared to move in several months. Now Saturn is about to overtake Jupiter in the night sky. I am watching Mars because it is approaching Jupiter and Saturn. I am watching to see if Mars will catch up to Jupiter and Saturn and form a perfect triangle like they did when Jesus was born.

Suddenly I saw a String of Pearls in the Night Sky. It was a line of white spheres evenly spaced apart from the Western Horizon heading east like a parade. As they passed overhead they would disappear one by one until they were all gone. The event lasted several minutes. I imagine there were about 30 ships and at their highest point took up 90% of the night sky.

I have seen space ships that look like white spheres before. The most memorable was several years ago. I was up at 5:00 am when a giant white sphere space ship was hovering over the local police station. It slowly and silently moved south down main street. I felt no threat from them. I feel they are here to protect us from world politics.

I have heard people say it's a space station but I have a problem with that. The Space stations orbit us about 10 miles up. If that were true, imagine the size it would have to be take up about 90% of the night sky from 10 miles away. When the US space station crashed to earth decades ago, it was visible as a shooting star.

The other problem I have is that it is supposed to be visible every night since that one. I have been looking for a repeat performance but there have been none. I think it's interesting we, the world gets this special phenomenon display only a few days after Trump says he wants to attack Iran. Myself, I'm tired of all the wars in the Middle East over oil. Maybe our space friends are too.

Take care, be safe. Your Brother Thom

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