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In RE: Pow Wow Originations

He' :

I do not wish to seem like I think I know it all, this is just what I understand and have been taught over my years, and since I was 18 I heard only this story about the origination of the Pow Wow.

It was told to me by the Algonquin people of Canada that the words Pow Wow come from their language , and is Pe'Wau E' Wau , pronounced Pehhh-wahhh Eeee-Wahhhh. The Council of the Nation that the people who told me this said also that the Pow Wow, or Pe'Wau E'Wau , is originally a…


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Real Estate Joke : Paranormal

There was this property here in New England for sale. The first sign simply had the Real Estate Agent's Company Name, telephone, and Agent name on it saying "FOR SALE." The house was a known haunted home. Two weeks went by and they put a sign up reading 'HONEST TO GOODNESS REAL HAUNTED HOME, WITH NO MALEVOLENT SPIRITS, JUST CASPERS. GOOD PRICE, HAUNTINGLY GOOD NEIGHBORS!"

Then some time went by and a new sign was placed there to the Agent's astonishment , so obviously they didn't put…


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Cute One...Nature

An eagle is sitting in a tree, and can be heard by the animal family muttering "one feather, two feather, three feather" and so on. A rabbit came a long and saw Mr. Eagle and heard him. He looked up and asked eagle what he was doing. Eagle's response was "Hey move along." So the rabbit left, as the Eagle is Creator's Brother. He didn't want to cause problems. Well this happened with four other creatures until finally the most ugly, grotesque , and strangest animal on two legs, fur…


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They Have Been Wrong All These Years

People ... yes people in general have for all these years gone by been VERY wrong about things and do not wish to admit it , even though they now know they were wrong for all this time . What am I speaking of ? I speak of individuals in the lime light, being it an actor, actress, politician or what ever . Specifically in this case the person I am thinking of is a Musician, Singer , Song Writer, Bhuddist , Actor , Aikido Teacher , Humanitarian and Philanthropist , and Actor. The person in…


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Creeper (part 1)

Climbing Plant » by Popperipopp)

« Creeper » is directly inspired by the following aphorism from the


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Bad News

He' To All :

I hate to even be here telling you all this . We found out August 29 , 2012 via the funeral home we utilized for the girls and my mother in law that my mother was there , and had passed over last weekend at the nursing home she was at . She had been declining, and we have been having troubles with the nursing facility and proper communication. Of course, they say they do not know about it, deny it and are basically as always "looking into it" . At any rate , my mom passed…


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Blessings in disguise...

Finally got into the doc for my feet, found out that I may have to have surgery to reconstruct the bones/joints in both feet. I am looking forward to the relief of the pain I have been in for years.…


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Loving Famous Words

Let us walk together in Peace and in Harmony...

May we all walk the Path Of Eternal Light and Peace...

Take one another's Hands, and walk side by side

As the Brothers and Sister of the Earth that we are.

Let us live in Universal Love,

Let us bathe in Creation's Balance.

Now let us take the steps forward

Into the future, knowing we are a strong and powerful Race

And that we , that race are well known Universally

As the Human Race.



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Procession (Juggernaut part 3)

Ratha Yatra Festival in Puri, India » by James Fergusson)

The third part of « Juggernaut, » entitled « Procession, » evokes the arrival of the crushing force before…


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A Little Boy Riding a Donkey » by Niko Pirosmanashvili)


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Keep Pe' Sla area in the Black Hills of South Dakota from development

I am not into politics at all but feel this is of great importance.

Read about it on another site; so I do hope the posting of this here is okay.

Rick Two-Dogs, a Lakota medicine man, summed up the attitude of his people toward the Black Hills:

"All of our origin stories go back to this place. We have a spiritual connection to the Black Hills that can't be sold. I don't think I could face the Creator with an open heart if I ever took money for it."

This is about:…


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Native American Quote Regarding iIllegal Immigration:




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Integration (The Chrome Lake part 7)

(Based on «
4D virtual 3x3x3x3 sequential move puzzle, scrambled » by SpinningSpark)

« Integration » is the seventh and final chapter of « The Chrome Lake.…


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Sue on Air again

Osiyo, hello and welcome my dear friends, your Sue is today again on Air with country, american native music and other songs from 9 untill 11, before from 7 untill 9 german time evening is my Frechhexlein on Air, enjoy and have fun at good and great music.

you can hear us about:…


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Re: "Did they hang the meat in great hunks"

Thanks for your comment Cindy,

Re: "Did they hang the meat in great hunks"

Buffalo Jerky

Native Americans made buffalo jerky by cutting the meat into strips, stringing it up, and drying in sun, as we do nowadays with laundry. Unlike the Europeans, the Native Americans did not use salt to preserve meat (and this was, perhaps, ultimately a healthier choice in the end), but relied on the sun to dry the meat. The process for making buffalo jerky is quite simple, and there…


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Re: Buffalo Jump

Thanks for your comment LadyHawk,

This method used to slaughter the buffalo seems inhumane, however it probably was the most efficient way to kill buffalo during those times. Since buffalo were were not domesticated, it may have been difficult to control or corral them as they needed to be slaughtered and processed as quickly as possible to prevent spoilage.

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Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant, they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are the vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter, for their will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself.



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Buffalo jump





Buffalo jump…


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Who am i ??

Since my very first visit at the public library at the age of 9 i was directly attracted to the books about Indian tribes and native americans.

I started to read all i could find about different tribes and all about the history around the native americans and what they have exposed to.

I have always in my heart and soul had a warm feeling to the native americans, and probably there are memories from a earlier life, i dont know but there are something that makes me feel not like a…


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(« SubjeKctiv » by Christopher Stewart)

« SubjeKctiv » was put together in July 2004 for « The 2004 ProjeKction Music ProjeKct. » Participants were invited to submit music that included at least one of the many audio clips provided by the project initiator, 


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