There was this property here in New England for sale. The first sign simply had the Real Estate Agent's Company Name, telephone, and Agent name on it saying "FOR SALE." The house was a known haunted home. Two weeks went by and they put a sign up reading 'HONEST TO GOODNESS REAL HAUNTED HOME, WITH NO MALEVOLENT SPIRITS, JUST CASPERS. GOOD PRICE, HAUNTINGLY GOOD NEIGHBORS!"

Then some time went by and a new sign was placed there to the Agent's astonishment , so obviously they didn't put it there, it read "THIS IS MY HOUSE AND IT IS FOR SALE. COME ON IN AND SEE WHAT YA GET."

A new sign by the agent was placed, reading the same as the last and the "prank" sign removed. The house was not doing well even to be shown and a month went by. The Agent went out to the home to see his sign no where to be found nor the company's. No signs were in their places, however on the lawn in blood red was written "HOUSE FOR SALE, DEMONICALLY POSSESSED, I CHALLENGE YOU TO BUY ME."

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Comment by LadyHawkღ on August 31, 2012 at 12:05pm

Mischeivious little ghost! So much for Casper...

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