An eagle is sitting in a tree, and can be heard by the animal family muttering "one feather, two feather, three feather" and so on. A rabbit came a long and saw Mr. Eagle and heard him. He looked up and asked eagle what he was doing. Eagle's response was "Hey move along." So the rabbit left, as the Eagle is Creator's Brother. He didn't want to cause problems. Well this happened with four other creatures until finally the most ugly, grotesque , and strangest animal on two legs, fur everywhere, and teeth to beat hell, and bad breathe asked the same thing and Eagle responded that he was preening himself and finding his poorest feathers and getting rid of them. The hideous creature asked "Well my brother, I see you nearly naked there, almost no feathers, are they all that bad ? " Eagle looked down upon him and said "No I am in the middle of a separation from my wife, so that explains the rest."

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