People ... yes people in general have for all these years gone by been VERY wrong about things and do not wish to admit it , even though they now know they were wrong for all this time . What am I speaking of ? I speak of individuals in the lime light, being it an actor, actress, politician or what ever . Specifically in this case the person I am thinking of is a Musician, Singer , Song Writer, Bhuddist , Actor , Aikido Teacher , Humanitarian and Philanthropist , and Actor. The person in question is famous action star Steven Seagal . On many occasions in the past Mr. Seagal has been called pig headed, arrogant, self centered and uncaring. Now if this is true, why is it I yet again read an article about a little girl over seas with MLD like my two daughters had and passed of. Well, unfortunately the little girl is in the last stage of MLD and is dying quickly. Her final wishes were to meet Mr. Steven Seagal and just look at him if nothing more. She is an avid fan. Steven Seagal heard about this little girl, and has taken the first flight out to where she is to just visit her for a few hours before she passes away. It was last reported he sat at her side, holding her hand singing to her and telling her a story . She had a wonderful smile on her face and crossed over. Mr. Seagal was is such a kind and compassionate human that he was reported leaving the room four hours after his arrival, going to a wall and placing his head against it, crying for the girl. Yup, he's arrogant, self centered, uncaring and pompous. I just wished to share this very moving story with you. I thought it was very moving and enlightening

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Comment by LadyHawkღ on August 31, 2012 at 1:10pm

I don't keep up with the actors and musicians but I think I have heard that he was a bit of a jerk to work with. I have always thought he had compassion in his eyes and alot of the roles he played really didn't suit him. Thank you for the wonderful story...much needed in these times.

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