"Mayan Indians disapeaared off the face of this plante"

Well, that explains the average life of the Maya Indians.


Well, if you want to know when they disappeared, most of the great Mayan cities were abandoned near 900 A.D. Nobody knows why! By 1450 all major cities were completely abandoned, religion became less and less important just like art and architecture. While some people think more time was spent at war, and the few people that lived, took refuge in the countryside. But like we said before, no one knows for sure. They might not have disappeared because of a war. They could have just vanished out of thin air!


The Mayan tribes were located in Mexico and they lived in houses just like we do today! But the way they earned a living with farming. Just like in everything else, they were advanced in this too. They had totally sophisticated farming techniques. Damming rivers, lakes and streams to create reservoirs was almost unbelievable back then.


Why did they disappear? One theory went like this. Another Indian tribe attacked the Maya Indians. Then a long war started. While the men were gone all day at war, the women and children were busy cooking and trying to keep up the household. The Mayans couldn't even live in the same houses that they would usually live in. They lived near the countryside while at war. This tribe would have probably made our culture so advanced only to abandon their culture because of war? Does this make sense? I mean, why would they give up their whole culture for a war?

You almost wish it were true, right? I mean it's sad that they had to go to war and never had their tradition passed along! Vanishing out of thin air! Kinda spooky! That's just a theory, just an educated guess. No one will ever know for sure and they'll probably remain one of the...


“Da Vinci code” continue’s to Mayan civilization, Keith Ranville’s
Rosslyn chapel research gives a updated clue of a Mayan temple depicted
in Rosslyn’s Chapel’s mason art. Rosslyns new world corn,
beneath the Corn a Maya ruin in the Rosslyn chapel.

Rosslyn Indian New world Corn wasn’t known to Europeans yet,
this is as mysterious as finding coconut husk in the Money pit
Keith Ranville ‘’Corn and aloe are prominent plants in the new world
all but one Rosslyn plant images was imported by the European explorers
to the new world. With these Rosslyn plant clues I searched for more
possible clues in the Meso civilizations, Mayan architectural art and
block writing gave some indication that there maybe a relation in art
and block writing. My Discovery of a Maya temple in the Rosslyn chapel
gave futrher indication of Sinclair-Maya connection. This depiction of
a Maya temple in the Rosslyn church is a remarkable discovery, this gives
the Sinclair new world expedition a lot more exploration credit than realized
by scholars. The Rosslyn Maya temple is a significant discovery for New World history”.

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