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If I could

If I could turn the clock back

I would return to the days when life was good

Survival was hard and required work

But life was Good..

We believed and trusted in God..

To show us the…


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For You There Is No Wall

For You There Is No Wall

For you there is no Wall, there is only my fading

memories that grow weaker with time

These solemn fading memories are slightly

brightened by my nightmares in the night,

nightmares that recall the horror of your

deaths and the extreme sadness I…


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So many times I have created Memorial Videos or Tributes

About lost Loved Ones or Fallen Heroes...

And People who make a Difference in the lives of so Many Broken Hearts

Always with the thought have I done justice to the Lost

Creating Memories that celebrate a Special Someone's… Continue

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Eagle Cam


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If you ever have the chance Take It

Well having a Old Fashioned Christmas was the greatest thing to happen in quite awhile...

No phones were used, no computers were available and our only form of communication was to Talk, Hug and Hold... Games were played with the children, walks and snowball fights were lots of fun and everyone survived not having a electronic device in their hand...

Three days and I will miss them all hearing their voices instead of receiving email updates.

But we all agreed (even the young…


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This is a Wonderful World

I still have yellow roses growing even with the cold and Robert is still finding red roses ..We call his red roses The Roses of Love and my yellow The Roses of Peace which is our Wish for Everyone

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September Memories for Many are My December Memories

So many Memories many of us carry in our Hearts. And some like me find the Memories even more important during the Month of December.

Lives lost and some lives lost but still living and suffering, but there are the good memories, and the many prayers especially at this time of year when I know some will travel back in time and feel loss..

Yet I know they will return to me after they traveled the hard road forever seared into their soul. Thinking about my Veterans, those who…


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Danced even when he had no strength left

Rest In Peace sad words indeed

But he taught me much

He gave his all to those needing that helping hand

A ear to listen

And most of all He gave Hope to many stuck in a tunnel of darkness

Prayers for His Family and His Multitude of Brothers, Sisters and Military Families who Shall Never Forget

God has another Angel Named Jeff Seeber…


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Seeing 2016 out with a Tree of Gratitude

This year will end on My Memories of A Lifetime

I will Honor my Parents and their Struggles and instead of a Tree inside I will have a big Fir Limb standing in upright. Honor a Mother who worked on Military Ships, While my Father wore a Uniform.. back in those days she could not afford a tree and ask a gentleman for a limb he had cut off a tree so he could fit it into him home.. telling him she just wanted it for decorating.. Decorations for her limb were the very meager .. but she had…


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Mr?Miss Rabbit now has a abode

The rain stopped for a couple hours today so went out on my bank where the trees I planted have grown over 20 foot tall and used all my limbs and natural habitat to create a shelter on the highest level of my once terraced bank, which will give this new resident shelter from the high storm winds in the winter plus it stays pretty dry as all the rain goes down the bank.. But if it gets to bad I may later put a eco friendly tarp over it and anchor it down.. Have watched this little critter for…


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Do You Know What's Really Happening

In my State are a Couple of real Dedicated Women and they are much younger than me.

One lived in a Abusive Marriage (but not anymore) the other a young mother who ended up being Trafficked in the Sex Trade (but not anymore)

Lauren has ridden over 10,000 on her motorcycle raising funds to Help Rebecca help others who have been victims in the sex trafficking trade.. Helping Victims in the whole Country not just our Home State..and at this point Lauren has raised over $50,000…


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Loving My Simple Life

The above picture is the Main Street named Exchange in my tiny town, only about 6 blocks long.. Marine one block over is the street that gets everyone through our town to the bridges that either head farther down the coast or take the 4+mile long bridge to Washington...

No big fancy malls here, more…


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Loving Life

Guess that picture says it all

The fun of making mistakes

Is when you try to make it right

But the changes never change the outcome

Cherished those mistakes

Taught me gratitude

and a real appreciation for…


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My Thankful Thanksgiving Prayer

I know how blessed my life has been

I have lived a life where real love exists

Filled with compassionate, caring Brothers and Sisters, Husband, and Family chosen and blood.

Yet again I face the fact I will again this year lose more of those I love and have given me love.. One goes into the hospital before Thanksgiving and is now talking about earning his wings, his struggles have been many and his pain only a few could imagine.. a lifetime spent in the Navy Seals and other…


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Hope you enjoy it as much as I did...



Imagine that you had won the following *PRIZE* in a contest:

Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400 in your…


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Breakfast for 2

Meet newly named Miss Piggy

She loves toast with blackberry jam

and after eating what I had she waited around while I made 2 more slices 1 for her and 1 for me

with jam of course..its times like this I wish I had extra hands to take a picture of her taking the toast from my hand..…


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Did God turn on the Oxygen for you today??

Well Did God turn on the Oxygen for you today??

That's a blessing in itself

So what are you going to do with that blessing

Will you take the time to reach out with your hand , or your voice and heartfelt caring and call a Veteran today?

Each and everyone of us are where we are for a reason

God knows none of us can be everywhere.

But he knows we can reach out and touch someone who is alone or feels alone..

Government may fail them

But we as human beings…


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Oregon Coast Hit with 2 Tornado's

Been a very interesting and threatening day here on the Oregon Coast and tomorrow we are going to be hit with a supposedly even worse storm..


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Autumn is really here

Well it's been a interesting day.. Doctor said I am in great condition for a old broad... So came home to do more tree cutting but got rained out... so decided to check out everything I am acclimating to Oregon weather. The Avocado trees look great one more winter and I will know if I need to change anything..My Mango seeds are rooting, the first tree I unfortunately forgot to protect and a cut worm got it.. but the roots are struggling to hopefully send up another shoot, and I have 6 more…


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My Flag

Some have been really upset with those who refuse to stand and pledge their alliance to the

Flag.. And yes I am one of those because I know the Sacrifices made to keep the Flag flying

Hence I started writing what I felt..

My Flag

I will always stand and Salute it.

With the Pledge I…


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