Well today is a day to Honor all Veterans and hopefully you will.
Fortunately i am old enough and have much history that shows how even back in the early 1900's our Military and Veterans were part of our schools education. Way back then there were military pictures of our Brave, Honoring them and teaching why they deserved Respect. Nothing in my heart will ever change how I feel about our Veterans and those who serve today.. But there was a time when our Government and some Citizens disrespected our Men and Women and failed every Man and Woman that served in Vietnam.. To this day many of those who served in Vietnam still carry the pain of Government betrayal and the angry mobs that assaulted them as they returned...

Now i have been blessed to have many of these Men and Women in my life. Veterans that have struggled to deal over these many years.. Some like Rod take the Gun Truck Satans Lil Angel out on days like this to educate people with the truth of those years, and Ron who has since passed over who sang a song created by him and some of the Australians who served with him over there

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