Once free  to  roam the lands

Life was not easy

But  beliefs  made them strong

They took care of the family 

and  tribe worked together

Never did they   dream of  taking

more than needed

Nor did they willfully destroy  and leave

our lands baron and fruitless

Nor did they pollute the waters

Everything  was  for a purpose

And it should be protected

Yet   they  faced  invasion of all

they loved  and lost their freedoms.

And everything from that point evolved into what

We live with today

A Country  divided

Beliefs and faiths  challenged

The lands infertile in many places

The water  filled with garbage

The air polluted

Where water flowed freely  it flows no more

All at the hands of the man of today

Everything God given now has a price

A Price that the greedy and corrupt control

People divded

By race, color and creed

Again the land is being taken over

Many   have no idea what they will face

Or what their future will hold

If I could I would return to the past

A past  when all were thankful  for the blessings

Even in the toughest of times

A past  wher Families were strong

Their beliefs   were lived

Protecting our lands, water, air

and all the creatures that roamed free

or swam in the rivers, streams and oceans

May our God help us all

As I watch  so many 

Tried and True Traditions


Written by

Loretta Riddell©



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