She's old and some say she should not let the outside world affect her. But she just smiles and reminds them she has Family and Friends around the world so what happens in this world will always affect her one way or another..

But on this day she had finished all her chores by 10 am and while relaxing she heard the call " we have 3 red,3 orange, 2 green and 3 black", we need 3 life flights, and available rescue units ..and the road is closed in both directions notify everyone to redirect traffic..

And all this old woman could do was pray, pray for those in the van and pray for those in the truck and that the horse trailer they were pulling was empty..

While deep in thought the call was changed to we now have 2 red,3 orange, 2 green and 4 black and the road will be closed for hours..

A second look may have prevented this tragedy.. Just like the wreck last weekend when in a hurry a car passed another car and had to cut it off to avoid on coming traffic. Taking the life of a man who never met a stranger in his life..

While brooding on this fact 6 hours later the old woman hears the hospital responding to life flight to land because now 1 orange has changed requiring life flight to a bigger and better equipped hospital over the mountains.

Friday and as evening closes in she has heard 5 calls for vehicle accidents with the morning one being the worst..With 4 lives lost and injuries that could take more lives...and yes they finally said their were no horses in the horse trailer..

Yes the she is me and i would be happier if Everyone learned Patience, learned they could live without their cell phone while driving, and as we used to tell our kids who walked to school "Look twice before crossing the street" please look twice before turning and crossing a on coming lane..That's what caused this mornings accident..

With summer upon us, children out of school and unpredictable. I truly hope everyone stays safe.. Life is precious and it's better to be late than be seriously injured or a code black...or the cause of someone else being seriously injured or a code black..

And while I'm at it if you ever get stuck on a road and don't know what has happened in front of you.. Please do not post something that may be read by someone's Family Member that causes more pain and suffering.. I was sickened by some of the things posted..even after they learned there were fatalities..

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Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on June 3, 2018 at 4:30pm

Well Chris i constantly fight to remember the lessons learned many the hard way.. i remember in 87 my neighbors, He was a hard working man and she seemed to be a loving wife and pregnant mother..Her son and daughter well mannered and quiet.. Only later did i learn the quiet should have been a warning, only after she had a beautiful baby girl did i learn the truth.. She was a alcoholic and made her kids hide it from everyone, and her husband hid it also in fear of losing the children and his job..Her daughter came to me because the mom was passed out and she could not get her moms breast into the babies screaming mouth. There was no comforting the baby or waking the mother so i called for help.When the ambulance arrived they said the baby was suffering from alcohol poisoning
and sadly we buried that precious little 5 week old baby girl 19 days later..The mother was sentenced to NARA for treatment, dad did lose his job but returned to the reservation with the children.
feelings now sadness for lives lost and not being wise enough to help
the memories remain, with lessons learned, but the pain and anger i released over time

Comment by Chris Durbin on June 3, 2018 at 4:04pm

Back in 67 or 68 I made a call out on Dixie Hwy.
The small house was littered with trash. The woman was sweeping the floor and the man was sitting in a chair. The baby was laying in the middle of a dirty full sized bed, dead.
I put my ear to his chest and heard fluid sloshing around. He had died laying between his sleeping parents during the night.

I remembered crying as I carried the baby out to my squad car. I was really pissed at those parents.

We bury those feelings deep down somewhere. They add up through the years.

Ask yourself these questions about your feelings, past or present, good or bad:

What is your NOW feeling?
Could you welcome/allow it?
Could you let it go?
Would you let it go?

Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on June 3, 2018 at 5:31am

I do understand about California i have a son and his wife who live there.. Soon to be moving out of there.. i also understand your feelings about seeing your heart i saw mine and then saw it after they did some repairs.. so to think of lives lost needlessly bothers me...especially being a Veterans wife who after Korea and Vietnam watched him make the best of everyday he was given...

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