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O'siyo, and Welcome to Warrior Nation! We are a Native American based site but very diversified in our groups, music and videos. All beliefs are welcome in our circle of friends.
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Our rules are simple...
~Respect yourself~
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My video

I made a video the other day. It's a follow-up to the series I made last year about ataxia.



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Welcome to Warrior Nation.. Have a wonderful day!

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1 Thanksgiving at the Johnsons

Thanksgiving at the Johnsons

Added by Michael Johnson on November 25, 2015

2 Game -Word Association

Game -Word Association

Posted by LadyHawkღ on May 18, 2011

3 thanksgiving


Added by Loretta Riddell on November 25, 2015

4 !! ? !!

!! ? !!

Added by Michael Johnson on November 28, 2015

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Kevelyn Lavon Merritt

Welcome our new featured member here on Warrior Nation. Her name is Kevelyn Lavon Merritt. She is from Kenai,Ak.She is a wonderful sister her on our site.
Her favorite music al Cherokee Music. Her movies are Last of the Dogmen, and Last of his Tribe. Kevelyn's hobbies are Walking in the mountains and Walking on the beach. Her favorite quote is Part if earth spirit.
Kevelyn loves people and loves to may friends here on Warrior Nation. She came here looking for her heritage of the Cherokee Nation.
Please go to Kevelyn's page and congratulate her as our featured member and say Osiyo to her.
Congratulations on being our featured member here on Warrior Nation Kevelyn.


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2015 Native American & Meso American Holidays

* 11/2: Aztec Day of the Dead--Day for honoring the departed and Mictlancihuatl-Miclanteuctli, Goddess-God of the Dead. Aztecs believe all Gods are united in Great God Ometeuctli, all Goddesses are united in Great Goddess Omecihuatl, and the Great God and Goddess are united in Ometeoltl.
* 11/2: Hopi & Zuni Ancestors' Day--Food offerings are put into rivers and lakes in honor of the ancestors.
* 11/6: World Community Day--Day for celebrating the unity behind diversity and remembering we are all one people - all children of the one universal Deity of many names and aspects.
* 11/11 to 11/24: Hopi & Zuni Shalako Festival--welcoming back to the pueblos the Kachinas/Kokos - Spirits of Nature and the ancestors that provide protection, health, fertility, and food. Kachina/Koko Dances invoke the Spirits into masked dancers.
* 11/12 to 11/15: Tewa Buffalo Dance--focused on healing. Tewa rites honor Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the four directions and elements of life - air of the North, earth of the East, fire of the South, and waters of the West.
* 11/16: Tolerance Day--Day to promote harmony in diversity through mutual respect and understanding of all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, culture, language, nationality, or economic status. [Despite international and domestic laws providing for equal rights, freedoms, and protections, members of minority groups are still harassed and discriminated against because of societal intolerance arising from fear and ignorance.] [Intolerance often results from projection of "collective guilt": it is immoral to blame an entire group for the acts of a member unless the entire group empowered the member who acted or endorsed the acts.] [See U.N. website on International Day for Tolerance; Wikipedia article on Declaration of Principles on Tolerance.] [a/k/a International Day for Tolerance]
* 11/19: Fast for an Abundant World Harvest--Day to fast and commit to action to help prevent deaths from malnourishment world-wide. [For more information, see Oxfam America website.]
* 11/26: Thanksgiving Day--Day to give thanks for the abundance of our land and for our food, clothes, shelter, and health.

National Native American Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Highground is honored to have been chosen as the home of The National Native American Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Unanimous approval for this decision was given at the annual Congress of Native American Indians held in Denver, CO in 1994.

Dedicated in 1995, The National Native American Vietnam Veterans Memorial is the first national memorial to come to The Highground. Harry Whitehorse, Madison sculptor and WW II veteran, created this bronze sculpture.

Mounted on a red granite base, the sculpture depicts an Native American Soldier in jungle fatigues, holding a rifle in one hand and an Eagle Feather Staff in the other. The names, rank, home of record, date of casualty-how they died (Still to be completed is the tribal affiliation.) of all Native American Indians who died as a result of the Vietnam war etched into two of the four black granite panels which skirt the base of the entire statuary.


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    Thanksgiving at the Johnsons

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