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O'siyo, and Welcome to Warrior Nation! We are a Native American based site but very diversified in our groups, music and videos. All beliefs are welcome in our circle of friends.
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Our rules are simple...
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New Species

A great number of species have been discovered lately, including a cartwheeling spider. Makes you wonder what else could be out there...maybe there's a cancer-curing flower in the Amazon.



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Welcome to Warrior Nation...and to our circle of friendship!

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Please welcome our newest featured member. His name is Dean.Dean is from Hamilton,Ohio. He does alot of work on Warrior Nation.
Dean's favorite music is anything that has a good message in it.
Dean's favorite movies are Fifth Element, and Rush Hour to name a few.
Dean's favorite hobbies are doing yard work,Playing music,going to thrift stores,reading and writing and of course being on the computer.And Dean's latest hobby is Photography,and enjoys the outdoors.
He loves people and loves to have many friends on his page.
Dean has several groups he belongs to on Warrior Nation.
So please go to Dean's page and congratulate him on being our newest feature member.
Congratulations Dean on being our featured member.

2015 Native American & Meso American Holidays

* 5/1 to 5/4: Zuni Green Corn Dance--welcoming back the Corn Maidens, who flee the land during the Winter.

* 5/5: Cinco de Mayo--Day celebrating Mexico's victory over occupying French forces; day to mourn Hispanic victims of exploitation (past and present), make peace, and celebrate empowerment of Hispanic Americans. [On 5/5/1862, 4,000 Mexican soldiers defeated 8,000 better-equipped French soldiers at the Battle of Puebla.]

* 5/7: National Day of Prayer--Day to pray for freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and separation of religion and government throughout the world. [Freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and separation of religion and government is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment.]

* 5/9: Day the world's nations committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which are causing climate change (1992); day to mourn the failure to reduce these emissions. [Due to these emissions, the planet has already started to experience the impacts of climate change: increased extremes of summer dryness (heat waves, droughts, and wildfires) and winter wetness (flooding); an increase in extreme weather (hurricanes and tornados); an increase of sea level (loss of coastline and loss of fresh water); a decrease in glaciers and polar ice caps; an increase in volcanic eruptions and earthquakes; loss of human habitat; loss of food availability (increase in food costs); and loss of plant and animal species (on land, in the oceans, and on the ice caps).]

* 5/17 to 5/20: Iroquois Strawberry Ceremony--in thanksgiving for the strawberry harvest. Iroquois consider themselves kin to all of Nature.

* 5/22: Biological Diversity Day--Day to recognize that the survival of humanity is dependent on the survival of the many diverse species on the Earth: The extinction of other species will bring about our own extinction. [There has been a 40% loss of species between 1970 and 2000 due to habitat destruction, over-harvesting, and pollution. Our unsustainable consumption exceeds the biological capacity of the Earth by about 20%.] [See U.N. website on International Day for Biological Diversity.] [All should demand universal observance of practices that effectively preserve all species of life, and should demand an end to habitat destruction, over-harvesting, and pollution of all kinds.]


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