The past, present, what will the future hold for us?

Yep it's one of those days when I think of times past... Wooden boxes held everything, no cardboard or plastics back then, milk in gallon cans or glass milk bottles and paper was never thrown on the ground instead it was saved to put under the kindling to start a fire in the wood cook stove...Sure life was never easy back then but our oceans and rivers we only affected if a ship or boat wrecked, caught fire but even then people salvaged what could be saved and reused...But when i walk anywhere today I can return home with a bag full of trash that un-thinking or un-caring people have discarded...I truly find it saddening and maddening..

Back in the day The soldiers were written about in school books of my grandmother. They were honored and respected.. Prayer in the schools and the name God was printed on many pages .. No protests back then and i wonder what would happen if we took a step back in time and returned to teaching the three R's, how to survive and prayer in the schools..

If only people were like our what we call pets or our furry family or even the creatures in the wild there's a understanding among all of them.. They usually only take whats needed for survival, some have the ability to bond with others not of their kind even to the point of raising another's family that's not of their kind..Plus they give love when many do not deserve it.. Yes there were flawed lives in the old days, but would sure like to put the heart of God's creatures in many angry hating hearts of some who walk this earth today.. We would definitely see more love in the hearts and faces today..

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