In today's world nothing is promised anyone.

Before I write anything I wish to Thank Ms Down to Earth for covering for me.

And her doing the monthly news letter while I was elsewhere.

The above picture is my 32 year old Grandson he loved everything Mother Nature

offered him to enjoy, love and protect. He was  also the new generation that did 

everything to protect his electronics from hackers, everything he owned was pass

word protected. Which I will discuss  later in this post.

July 10th at  1 AM in the morning I was notified of his death. and left to support my

grieving daughter and his sister. This is what we had to deal with, a first born and 

only  son of my Daughter Lori, searching the crash site and car for 3 days recovering all

items belonging to our Anthony. I truly pray none of you have to face and deal with a tragedy

like this. Because hours felt like days unending.

With the corona Virus we felt the added stress of getting nothing done because  everyone

we had to deal with had their doors closed, no papers could be filed, his computer  recovered

at the crash site  and his phone also found at the crash site could not be accessed because we

had no idea what his log in or passwords were.

After the searches we got permission to put up a cross and place live flowers at the

crash site where his car  came to it's final  resting place.

So we did our best to have a Living Memorial for our  boy, in hopes when it was over we could

refocus and do what needed done.

That re-focusing did not happen, with the corona virus, and the protests happening

plus the riots in Portland Or. nothing could be accomplished. The only thing that did happen

was more pain because someone or others went out and vandalized the Memorial at the

crash site. So we had to  work on restoring the Memorial and thankfully the cross which we

put there was anchored in concrete.

Yes we are still  trying to take care of all the paper work that needs to be done in order

to open up  all his password protected accounts, but the riots which are close to  my daughters

home we are not able to move forward.


because we cannot access his Amazon phone which we believe is where he would have saved

passwords and etc. but Amazon demands a court paper giving Mom  Survivor-ship document.

which is also needed for all his insurance and union benefits so

God Forbid It Should Happen To Your Family,

but nothing is promised any of us, so I am suggesting as a Family  everyone young and old,should buy a small 

locking box and place all your security pass words with logon's in that  box, never to be opened unless

to up-date info. or the unthinkable has happened. 

If we had done this we would not be still struggling to find a Judge to help us.

Thankfully Anthony was not married and has no children  or the struggle would even be worse

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Comment by Ms. Down-to-Earth on August 10, 2020 at 7:26am

You are very welcome, my friend, and please let me know if there's anything else I can do.
Thank you for sharing your story and your advice.

Comment by Sharikee on August 9, 2020 at 12:52pm

Loretta, God is with you and so are the prayers and hearts of your Warrior Nation Family.
Love Shari

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