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Thoughts are things

I have always heard that thoughts are things. You can think good or evil, happy or sad. You can think yourself healthy or sick, and on and on.

Our natural physic abilities have been mostly lost in the modern world.

When Black Elk saw in vision black ribbons around Mother Earth it was today's' asphalt highways. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

In my lessons learned from the spirit world, thought is super powerful. When we grieve for lost love ones their essence is…


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So Many Times

So many times I hear those words

I also live those words because so many I know Never Made It Home, and some I knew were the People…


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Chief David Bald Eagle April 1919 - July 2016

Credit to NPR

In the U.K., the headlines note the passing of a "Dances With Wolves actor."

But appearing in an Oscar-award-winning film was one of the least interesting things David William Beautiful Bald Eagle ever did.



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New Canadian Artist

A new Canadian…


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Mythology and Crests of the Haida

The mythology of the Haida, like that of other tribes on the central and northern coast, is based on the epic cycle of stories about the Raven and his various exploits. The Raven is truly a trickster who liberates humankind from a clamshell, then in one story sets the universe in order, only to threaten it with chaos in the next. The Raven is the most greedy, mischievous and lecherous creature imaginable, but almost without meaning to, teaches humans the arts of living a good life. Haida…


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A Visit With Grey Antelope

A Story

Sometime in the 80’s Carl ( my teacher ) Judy ( my wife ) and I took a trip to New Mexico to visit Grey Antelope on the Santa Clara Reservation. When you first meet him he looks at your heart Charka very closely, and if you pass inspection he will talk to you. Actually Grey antelope laughs a…


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Antelope Blessings



by Pamela Jensen ©1998

On unsteady feet, Gray Antelope, medicine man, walked in the White Mist World, images from the earth world flying past him out of the fog. All manner of things, four-legged, two-legged, winged-ones, swirled and flowed around him. Pictures flashed by him, breaking into pieces and reforming as if he were in the center of a kaleidoscope. A Pronghorn antelope came bounding out of the mist, its sleek body dancing gracefully, its dark…


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First Nations Astronomy - seeing the Cree and Ojibway Sky

Atchakosuk are the spirit lights up above. “All people of the Earth have stories of the stars. The First People of North America are no different” — Wilfred Buck, Cree Science Educator. The late storyteller Murdo Scribe told this story of the big dipper: Ochek Atchakosuk are the fisher stars in Cree legends from Northern Manitoba. (The fisher is a small fierce relative of the wolverine.) This legend tells us how summer was brought to the north country. Long ago there was no summer in…


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A Prayer By Twyla Nitsch

When Twyla was doing her intensives in the Buffalo, New York area she would have all her students up at dawn greeting the Sun. She beat on her drum while having everyone pray.

Ho Great Mystery.

We awake to another Sun,

Grateful for gifts bestowed

Granted one by one,

Grateful for…


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