Life is a adventure
None of us knew when we entered this World
What a trip it would be
The ups and downs
With Smiles and Frowns
Some Friends for life, yet others gone like the wind
Some we cry over, others we sigh in relief

Everything in life has a price today
Even believing in God
In years past Believing was Good
Today Believing some question
They label and call you names

Every day lessons are learned
Even at my age
Jobs have come and gone
And age has crept up on me
Some will put me down because I forget
Or maybe use a wrong word
But after all these years I have learned

I am nearing the end of my journey
I will continue to cherish those who
Accepted me as I am
Even though we walked different paths
We faced different trials and Triumphs
And we

Believe God brought us

Together for a reason

Loretta Riddell 

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