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I Believe in Jesus, Not in Christianity

It's sad. I was raised up white, baptized Catholic, commune to the Messiah every moment of my life, yet so many fellow Christians judge me as demonic. The Messiah does not.

The Bible tells me the Creator gave me "Free Will". What that means I am free to intrepid the Bible according to my beliefs. Where Christians and I differentiate, is I only read the Gospels. When Jesus came, the Old Testament was over. Throw it out.

Jesus came and corrected several mistakes of the Old…


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The Warning Signs (wake up capitalists)

This year, the West Coast burned from Central Oregon to San Diego, California. Fire is the universal symbol for purification. In about 30 days, the San Andres Fault has had 5 earthquakes, 3 over 6.0 magnitude. Three on 1 day, 2 on another day about 30 days later. All signs that the Earth is out of balance because We, Her Children have turned away from the Natural Laws of the Universe. The Earth's resources are not to be toiled for profit.

Honor Thy Earthly Mother, Honor Thy Heavenly…


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Trickle Down Economics, (Reganomics) The Destroyer of the World.

The rich consider the poor like a life threatening or social disease. It's ruining our country some say, but they forget, they like the poor were born with no wealth and will leave the world with no wealth; they forget that we are all connected; We are all One Family, One with the Creator.

All were created with One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Word.

The Word is Love, Love as God loves, to become Godlike.

One world leader claims to be so rich, that he could give every…


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The Sleeping Dragon.

A very special cloud formation. From town, Mt. Shasta this cloud was calling me to take it's photo. I knew a spot near Weed where it would be a great location to photograph both the cloud with the mountain in the background. So off I went.

On my way there, I turned left to drive on the frontage road. I drove about 100 feet and saw the perfect spot to photograph…


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The Flame

Dearly beloved, my best friend, brother to all and Messiah, has asked me to share this very important message with you.

"I gave unto thee a covenant that 'I should go and prepare a place for thee' ... and return,

that where I go, there ye might go also.

Have I not returned? Have ye prepared thyself to return with me?

It is now come when many are here upon the earth which come even as I am come

that ye may return with me. This is the day for which thee has…


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Birthdays ~Happy Birthday from Warrior Nation!

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