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If You Believe in Living Chemical Free Please read

Have you ever noticed that there is a distinct color at the bottom of each toothpaste pack ?

Do you know the meaning of the colors ?

Green : Natural.

Blue : Natural + Medicine.

Red : Natural + Chemical composition.

Black : Pure Chemical.



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Tsoi Tawodi & Dandelions ??

Instructions for drying leaves below this recipe


Select young, tender leaves for the tastiest dandelion tea.

Individual portion


1 cup boiling…


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As I Honor Our Fallen I say Thanks

Thank You to All who have Defended My Right to Honor those who Gave There All for my Freedom

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Your Are My Heroes + video

The truth is

As a child raised with uniforms in her world

Knowing nothing was promised or free unless we were willing to fight and sacrifice to keep

keep it, that meant many fathers,  brother, sisters,  might not return.. I have sat at many  a table  where there sat a empty chair

there sat a plate  adorned with a  rose stem  bearing only…


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Thank You 4 Featuring I!

Thanks for featuring me. Also giving me the opportunity to design a page and to learn more about the history of native americans. My page is not designed as good as the girls pages though it is a nice hobby of mine. ♥Thanks again!!♥

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Read my Horoscope today (pices)

Horoscopes for Wednesday,

May 20, 2015


Contrary to popular belief, you Rams can also behave like lambs; your gentle way of caring for those you love is obvious while the watery Cancer Moon softens your harder edges today. But nurturing others requires that you tend to your own needs, too. Instead of adding to your current stress by attempting to be everything to everyone now, slow down and be good to yourself. The seed of love is first planted at…


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We Cannot Forget + video

So many wars and so called Conflicts I in my lifetime witnessed.. Witnessing the effects on Family, Friends and Strangers who became Brothers and Sister for life.. Those memories never fade away, but current events take priority..

Our Veterans needing help Our returning Men and Women needing a helping hand..So many needs it at times seems over whelmingly impossible..

Yet I was so blessed with new Son's, Daughters and some so young I became their Grandma.. this Memorial week end…


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Native American Veterans

"…American Indians have proudly worn our nation’s uniform in every one of our conflicts…American Indians per capita—have had the highest percentage of their people in military service, exceeding every American ethnic group."

Ben Nighthorse Campbell

Former U.S. Senator, Colorado…


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Just another fun quiz
Found out I was a giver..

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Today, Tomorrow & Everyday + Video

There is not a day goes by that I do not pray for our Men and Women Past and Present who have Served, Sacrificed and Laid their Life Down on a Bloody Battlefield.. But things have changed in my prayers now I ask God to keep them safe from their Demons they struggle with every day.. To keep them safe from Self Inflicted Harm..

So many today say…


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Just & Honorable, you are the Eagle! You hold yourself to the highest of moral standards, and expect the same in every other person you meet. Despite this, you tend to be a good judge of character. Your honest nature and cunning work ethic make you a force to be reckoned with, and a strong leader.…


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35 Years ago Today

two video's

A Event Never Forgotten

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Content and At Peace + video

Contentment and peace many times are hard to find

Especially when you lose a loved one in your life..

It has been my blessing to have ancestors who taught me…


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Blessed + video

Blessed with 2 Wonderful Mothers no longer here
Blessed with Children who make me Proud
Blessed with Family and Friends whose Mothers
were a Shining example of what a Mother is

Wishing All Mothers a Happy Mothers Day

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Candidate Mike Huckabee Connects Native Americans With Jihadists During Speech; DNC Responds

In an attempt to criticize President Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, instead offended Native Americans by connecting them with jihadists during a speech Tuesday when he announced his candidacy for president.

During his speech in Hope, Arkansas, Huckabee, who is formerly a Southern Baptist pastor, excoriated Obama for comments he made during the annual National Prayer Breakfast in February when, in reference to Islamic terrorism, he reminded his fellow…


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So Very Tired When Not Working; Just Wanting to Sleep...

...Whenever I had the chance to check in here after working all day...well; all I wanted was to sleep!

I would get home from work and would get to my pc and sit my bed I would go.

Test after test from doctors and no real cause to my sleepiness.

No disease, no illness; no germ, no virus; nothing at all.

Well, I went to a nutritionist homeopathic naturalistic practitioner and she thinks likely iron deficient and I been working too many long hours and not…


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can't do much

For now i am using one hand to communicate ..Last night one arm was bothering mr and the other one hurt.. Today i have overcome God is good for sure and i can leave a message..Will only come here to vote and to do birthdays .. until

i find out whys

Take care of youselves

Added by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on May 2, 2015 at 7:18am — 2 Comments

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