Contentment and peace many times are hard to find

Especially when you lose a loved one in your life..

It has been my blessing to have ancestors who taught me

No matter what to stay connected to our blessings

All the blessing from above

Mother Earth  upon  whom my feet will travel

And all things that surround me

To dance  in the rain,  embrace the snow

Rejoice and be thankful for the earths bounty

Never being wasteful  while protecting

Mother Earth  and everything Above and  around me

Many  times over the years I think longingly of those gone

Who now watch over me 

Be they the moon beams or stardust

The gentle winds that caress my cheeks

I will never walk alone as long as I am connected to

All that's above me

Mother Earth or all that surrounds me

Many times they have said

Don't cry for me but

Live, Love and Be Happy

I have  done my best and am content and at peace

this video was made in memory of  my many ancestors who taught me well

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