Ask anyone who knows me, I really like politics. In my lifetime I have worked on over 20 campaigns of which only 3 were lost. Since I am what some may call a moderate I enjoy watching candidates from…

Ask anyone who knows me, I really like politics. In my lifetime I have worked on over 20 campaigns of which only 3 were lost. Since I am what some may call a moderate I enjoy watching candidates from all parties. This year has been entertaining to say the least. There is a New York real estate tycoon who knows nothing about government, then here is cruz from the tea party who is famous for two things: reading Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham on floor of the Senate and leading the fight to shut down the United States Government. A doctor who claims he nearly killed someone but the spirit of Jesus took over his body and stopped him. Myself, I think carson thought about the time in jail he would get. Then we have another member from the tea party that wear boots that look like Beatle Boots to make him look taller. Next there is a guy who looks and at times acts like a wannabe mob guy named christie. Finally there is a woman, who wants to take rights away from women and is known for sinking Hewlett Packard. They all agree on one thing, another Clinton in the White House would be bad for this country.

But here is what happened when Hillary's husband Bill Clinton was president:

America had the lowest unemployment rate in 25 years.

The deficit was reduced by 600 billion dollars.

The Brady Bill was passed, this banned the making or selling of 19 different assault weapons and a waiting period was initiated and enforced.

The Family and Medical Leave Act, which allowed us to take time off from work to care for a loved one or spend time with a newborn baby without losing any pay.

Taxes were cut for over 15 million working families whose income of $27,000 or less and the wealthy had to pay their fair share.

A welfare to work program was created and this was followed by a school to work, by now over five million new jobs were created.

Under the Clinton presidency 95% of schools were connected to the Internet

America had the lowest crime rate in 26 years, the lowest poverty rate in 20 years and the lowest teen birth rate in 60 years.

America had the lowest government spending in 30 years.

Now after reading this can anyone say that a Clinton in the White House is a bad idea? GO HILLARY!

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Comment by Sharon Johnson on January 10, 2016 at 11:05am

While I respect your thoughts on both politics and religion I wasn't trying to promote anyone. I just thought it was ironic that nearly all of those running for president from the gop are continually trying to scare people with the idea of Hillary Clinton as president. I believe that everyone should vote in elections, no matter what party they choose. The response from your son and his friends shouldn't surprise you. The republican candidates are all armchair warriors and think nothing of putting young people in harms way. Democrats, with the exception of a few have always tried to resolve problems diplomatically. I liked Sanders until I read his voting history, two disappointed me. The first one was that he voted against the Brady Bill and the second one was the fact he took the side of gun manufactures. His age could be a problem but it may not matter if he can find a strong running mate for VP. Concerning the decisions in the 90's Bill Clinton made his decisions after getting the opinion of his Vice President, members of his administration and finally talking it over with his wife. His word was the last one however. Please thank your son for me for his service, as well as his friends.

Comment by LadyHawkღ on January 9, 2016 at 10:00pm

Sharon I like your blog but I have to throw our disclaimer in here that Warrior Nation doesn't promote politics or religion on the site... Then again I do believe in free speech!
I had a long talk with my son last month before he was deployed to get a feel on which way the the members of his Air Force Squadron were leaning. I was very surprised to find out they were leaning towards Sanders first and Hilary second. I did some reading on Sanders and really like his history. He seems to be the most grounded and in touch with the people but I do have a real problem with his age.
As far as Clinton... I always thought she was calling the shots anyway when Bill was in office!

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