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Winter Solistice

Bear Dreams

(of Winter Solstice)

Bear, you and I are related, Creator has made it so

I have come here to honor you, and the medicine you freely show

Once, your Grizzly cousins were plentiful in this state

They roamed and ate in peace, not knowing of their fate

Man has killed them all, and now only you remain

Cities and streets have covered what was once your domain

Still, you struggle for life in the best way you can

While man continues to…


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San Bernardino

The events of yesterday in California are sad indeed. Humanity has drifted away from the balance of life with the natural world like a boat tied to a pier which has become loose. It does not float away quickly but rather slowly until it becomes out of reach.

The vibration of anger that abounds around the world of humanity is absorbed by our Earth Mother, the Tree People, Rock People and all our relations and each becomes sick.

The word vibrations we cast upon the Wind Spirits will…


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Warrior Nation

Osiyo All,

I hope all of you enjoy this site as much or more than I do... it is a safe harbor in stormy seas, a lodge of family to speak with and gain wisdom from and to share many things.

Each month we all spend money on some things we really don't need so I would ask that since many of us use this site, that perhaps we could help support this site with a small donation here and there. Several do great work to keep this going but all things do cost money. Just a thought... and it…


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It is good to be back here after so long. These last two years has taken my path as a veteran through a forest of cancer and heart disease via agent orange but today I seem to be stable. I have missed my friends and family here so in my less than agile way I say Osiyo to all who live here and share here. I hope to be back up to speed here now. Always this is the lodge of peace and love.... all that is necessary for growth of spirit and life and to all of you I say thank you for keeping this…


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Equa Wado (great thanks)

I wish to say Equa Wado to all of you here...I have been away for the last couple of years from this site due to some health issues but have never forgotten the beauty, love and family that resides in this lodge. As I am doing better Grandfather Sun has reminded me of all of you here and as he brings warmth and healing to all on this great Earth Mother, so all of you bring healing to those who would visit this site.

With my People, owl is the one who gets us through the dark…


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Osiyo All....and may this day have caused you to look into a still pond or your mirror at home that you might see Creators great gift reflected back to you there.

The dominant society will celebrate a holiday tomorrow, and yet with us they do not understand that each day...each moment is a time of giving thanks that we are alive, that our relations (deer, rocks, trees..etc) are our family and teaches and that as one we can move forward... but if we become forgetful of our connection we…


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Osiyo All,
Hope everyone is doing great these days. I am back from two weeks away...last few days hiking in a wondrous place to be sure....will see if Lady Hawks' instructions to goofy me will help get a couple of pics posted...lol....she is a great teacher...me, on the otherhand with computers...well..enough said.
Hope to catch up with all of you soon
Look into your mirror to see life's greatest gift to you...what you do with it is your gift in return.
3 Hawks

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Of Bears, Winter, Us, and Lessons

Please know this is copyrighted material but wish to share this with all of you from a book I am writing at present...

Yonv (Grizzly Bear)

Few things will inspire the human spirit in the way seeing a Bear in the wild does. Strong yet gentle, beautiful and rugged, graceful and clumsy, serious and comical. They symbolize freedom of spirit and oneness with all that is; things greatly lacking in the human spirit of today.

Yonv is generally known as the Grizzly,… Continue

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Kiowa -our Wood Bison has gone to his spirit lodge

Kiowa – Bison Extraordinaire

Moonridge Animal Park has lost one of our longest residents, our Woodland Bison Kiowa. Cause of death: Old Age

Kiowa was a very special animal and will be deeply missed.

Kiowa was born at the Moonridge Animal Park in May of 1992. His father Cochise came to us from the San Diego Zoo along with two females and another male. Cochise lived to be 16 years old, but his son Kiowa lived to be almost 20! Kiowa is survived by his half brother… Continue

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Courage and peace

this was sent to me...hope you all can open it...very beautiful...very moving...a lesson for us… Continue

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Osiyo All,

I don't know how many of you use sweetgrass in ceremony of your own but I know it is often difficult to find without having to 'buy' it. Selling sweetgrass and sage is something I do not approve of as it is sacred and a gift from our Earth Mother. I have sweetgrass on my property and nurture it in a good way...no chemicals at all and if any of you are in need I will gladly send you braids...all I ask is that you do not re-sell it...only for personal use and whatever the mail… Continue

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Patricia Randolf

For those of you who don't know Patricia Randolf, she is a tireless advocate for rights for all our relations...she has a column in a Wisconsin paper that is so very well worth the read and follow. I hope each of you welcomes her as a sister to this wonderful organization. She touches life with a voice for those who have no human voice nor a vote as to what happens to them. Hope each of you has had a good day and if it has been a bit rough, always remember the great gift you get to see when you… Continue

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Wind Spirits

With the winds of Irene affecting so many, I would like to share an upside of the Wind Spirits if I may....

Wind Spirits of Our Soul

(lessons from Bishop and Lame Coyote)

Set your face to western winds

Rushing from tall mountain peaks

Strong and furious

Soft and gentle

Singers of a peace

Seldom found with humans

Movement of a spirit

Refreshing the soul

Speakers of no lies

Sharing only… Continue

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Warrior Nation

I am truly grateful for this site...so much good energy here...peace and education...a oneness for sure. I am still finding my way through this site so if I don't get back to some of you please be patient...
This is a great place to call 'home'...wado to each of you here.
May you walk softly this day upon the soft face of our Earth Mother and perhaps flowers will grow in the footprints you leave behind.
Sidanelai (we are all family)

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Osiyo All,

I have been away for a few days and being here on this page is like being home...I want to wish each of you a great weekend and will catch up with those who left posts very soon. Please know what a comfortable place this is to be and spend time. Blessings to each of you and as Grandmother Moon rises this night may your hearts be warmed with her gifts of beauty and peace and as you awaken tomorrow, look into your mirror or a still pond and see the greatest gift given you… Continue

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Osda Sunalei (good morning) All,

I would like to share something I wrote some years ago to start your New day with you if I may



Softly, like the gentle breath of Creator

who whispers upon Wind Spirits

Gently, as the soft petal of a violet

that caresses an infant’s cheek

Refreshing as the cooling mist

from a clear running waterfall

With compassion it begins to heal

those who are in pain

A… Continue

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Drums pound as gourd rattles shake in rhythm

with the joyous heart of Earth Mother

Spirits of Earth and Sky loudly rejoice

at the birthing of new Wolf pups

Tiny new lives beginning in innocence

their eyes closed to what might be

Gently, as the caress of a Butterfly

Wind Spirits stroke their fur

Sleeping pups, dreaming dreams

of ancestors roaming free

Prairies, mountains, valleys, and streams

were once a home… Continue

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Of Wolves and Humans

This is an article I wrote for Paw Prints Magazine...hope you enjoy...I am but a small voice for all our relations....

Of Wolves and Humans

(Waya...that voice in the distant wind which stirs the primal birth path of life's mystique...3 Hawks)

Many of you may never see any of my family in our natural home nor enjoy the thrill of listening to our sacred song as we walk upon the beautiful face of our Earth Mother.

Once, our home was from horizon to horizon in this… Continue

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I am Buffalo

Osiyo All,

Ladyhawk...just so you know this article of 'I am Buffalo' is an article I wrote some years ago and is copyrighted. The original piece is entitled 'Of Bison and Humans', published in Paw Prints Magazine. This woman who has her name on this has been notified of her copyright infringement and is a sad thing to steal anothers works. She has done this on other webpages and not just with my work. You are welcome to use this ariticle on this fine website you have, but please make the… Continue

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