Bear Dreams
(of Winter Solstice)

Bear, you and I are related, Creator has made it so
I have come here to honor you, and the medicine you freely show

Once, your Grizzly cousins were plentiful in this state
They roamed and ate in peace, not knowing of their fate

Man has killed them all, and now only you remain
Cities and streets have covered what was once your domain

Still, you struggle for life in the best way you can
While man continues to hunt you, wanting only your hide to tan

Yes, your road has been littered with much hardship and pain
But you continue to teach the few who would listen without shame

You tell us to look within, that we might know this one we call ‘self’
That if we do, we can enhance our spiritual health

You teach us to walk softly on our beautiful Mother Earth
To honor her, enjoy her, and love her for all we are worth

You instruct us that even great strength can have a very gentle side
That our children should be loved, nurtured, and viewed with much pride

But soon you will slumber as the Season of Cold Wind draws near
You will sleep for a long time, you will dream without fear

May your dreams be for all our relations, may peace be their theme
That people of all colors may know the love of which we now only dream

Sleep now my brothers and sisters, for I have come to honor your own
And when you awake, you can teach us what we should have already known

Tsoi Tawodi

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