This is an article I wrote for Paw Prints Magazine...hope you enjoy...I am but a small voice for all our relations....

Of Wolves and Humans
(Waya...that voice in the distant wind which stirs the primal birth path of life's mystique...3 Hawks)

Many of you may never see any of my family in our natural home nor enjoy the thrill of listening to our sacred song as we walk upon the beautiful face of our Earth Mother.
Once, our home was from horizon to horizon in this land you humans call North America but now we have little freedom left, and yet still we work diligently to keep your natural world in balance. The Cherokee call us Waya (Wah-yah) and we were respected and honored for all we were able to teach the first humans upon this land.
Today, you call us Wolf...and for many of you, this word strikes a sense of fear into your spirit. Chief Dan George, one of your Native wise men once said, 'If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear. What one fears one destroys'.
There are not many of my family left so I would like to speak on their behalf that you might get to know us and understand that which we can teach you about your own journey along this path of life.
Please take a moment and imagine, if you will, that you work hard to raise your young and provide for their every need in matters of food, training and shelter. Imagine you being one who is dedicated to your family where family value exceeds the self and you care for your old ones as few others would do. Imagine you being the one who spends a lifetime working to keep nature in balance so that all things natural exist in a harmonious cycle for the betterment of all that is. Imagine the amount of work and dedication this takes.
Now, imagine being hunted to near extinction because your media, books, movies and old children's stories have spread misinformation about you to the point that for all your good work you are now feared by others.
This has been our earth journey among you humans and we hope it will change.
In taking care of our family, we will travel many miles over rugged terrain and through hostile weather conditions to make sure our family is fed and that our young ones can grow strong. This takes endurance and will teach you that you too may have to go to great lengths to provide physical, spiritual, and educational foods for your family but with the same endurance we show you can accomplish your goal as well. This will also help you pass through personal fears and endure the 'cold winds' that may figuratively blow across your life path. We do not have stores to go to so when we hunt... it often takes great patience to get what we are after and this is good to keep in mind on your daily journey where patience can 'wear thin' with your species. How often do you find yourself in front of your microwave...a device you have that will cook a product in one minute...and notice yourself strumming your fingers wishing it would hurry up! Patience...we teach you patience!
Our families have structure and each one has a role in the well being of the unit or pack. Our young are trained from early on to be responsible and respectful, to do their part and look after the whole. You humans would do well to study our ways and perhaps your family unit will be prepared for whatever may cross your path. With us, family value transcends pride and ego and when our young grow up and have their own pups they stay and take care of them.
We have a great sense of smell and can pick up scents from great distances and it is not unusual for us to lift our lips to make use of a gland in our gums to help define the scent. This is often taken by your media as being aggressive and threatening and thus stereotyped my family to horrific dimensions. Our hearing is excellent to about 12 of your miles and we listen well to what is going on around us. This can help you humans to remember to be aware of what is happening in your circle or near you. Do you walk in busy traffic areas wearing you really 'listen' to what your children are saying or pay attention to your friends, spouse or others? It is easy to get absorbed in your busy world and forget to listen...and be safe!
Since we live in the great outdoors and don't wear shoes, our feet 'feel' the earth and we learn to walk carefully. I hope you will also take time to walk barefoot on the earth so you can 'feel' her. Shoes take away the sensitivity of your feet and it is easy for your kind to walk in delicate areas and not be aware of the damage you might be doing to what is there. We also have an ability to alter the temperature in our feet when walking in near freezing water or in deep snow and ask that you also alter the 'footprint' you leave behind by placing your trash in proper areas or hiking it out with you.
We all share this small planet and we all can do our part to live in harmony.
Well...we didn't get to grandma or the pigs in this article but perhaps we will do that in the future. Until then, please take time to learn more about us and how we work to keep nature in balance and that we are not the 'Big Bad Wolves' that some have portrayed us to be!
'Hooowwwl' you'll 'see' us is now up to what you learn!

Your wolf family...

3 Hawks (on behalf of those who do not speak the human language)

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Comment by LadyHawkღ on August 6, 2011 at 10:21am
What a wonderful addition to our month of the wolf. It may give us all a bit more understanding of what this beautiful Wah-yah has to really offer us and not the falsehoods the media has portrayed for so long.

Birthdays ~Happy Birthday from Warrior Nation!

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