Osiyo All....and may this day have caused you to look into a still pond or your mirror at home that you might see Creators great gift reflected back to you there.
The dominant society will celebrate a holiday tomorrow, and yet with us they do not understand that each day...each moment is a time of giving thanks that we are alive, that our relations (deer, rocks, trees..etc) are our family and teaches and that as one we can move forward... but if we become forgetful of our connection we will fade from each other.
My turkey will be the beauty of the standing ones (trees), the butterfly, the rock beneath my feet, the gift of the wooden ones who give me heat, of the old ones who once sat together and listened to the People so they could make decisions on which path to travel.
My brothers and sisters...today...the human species seems to only know anger and hate, greed and dishonesty and so it is I ask that each of you remember those who walked before us who had honesty, loyalty and a willingness to honor all our relations and fight for a way of life that was in unison with all that was natural. This is a 'tla osda' world...not good....but here on this site we come together...to be one as our old ones were. We CAN make a difference...we CAN touch our Earth Mother with love...we as a People CAN come together again that as Black Elk said...the hoop can be healed.
The last four seasons have put many stones and boulders in my path and I have not been here, but even now after such a long time to return I feel the love of the People..the oneness that we can be and I am grateful Creator has given me this time to post something here.
Always know...we are one....we are a PART of the natural world...not 'APART' from it. Listen to the stone people, the tree people, the ant people and to the wind spirits....we learn much here. They will humble us and guide us and also protect us...if only we listen. To give thanks is not yearly, but minute by minute that all that has been given has been given us to enjoy, learn from and to pass on to others.
When the language of your people goes away...so will their memory. Learn your language...be one with all your relations...keep the old ways alive and then you will have the right to give thanks for all that you are to all that is.
It was told to me long ago, that if you look into a still pond...or today...your mirror..you will see reflected there the greatest gift ever given you...to honor that gift...let no others harm it...and then what you give back to all that is will define your path.
If ever you have a day and you feel lost...go into the wood, the desert or the beach...close your eyes that you might really see and listen with your spirit ears that your might hear.
You...YOU are the gift...use it in a good way and the Kamama (butterfly) will kiss your path.

Sidaneli (we are family)
Donadagohvi (until we meet again)
Tsoi Tawodi

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