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Been A While

Yes, it has indeed been a while since I've been here and such. My apologies, life kind of got me side tracked there including helping out a few people on line and such. I wanted to stop in and wish a very Happy Holidays to all of you and wish you my best. Please stay safe and warm during this season. The best to all of you. Love and Blessings. Wanishi

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Ice Storm '13

Where I live in Ontario had a bad ice storm on Saturday night/Sunday morning. There were power outages (mine lasted only for hours but thousands had no power for days), travel was disrupted, power lines and trees were downed. Our neighbor had part of his tree brought down and I'm kinda glad all the trees on my property were wrecked in the microburst my neighbourhood had five years ago.

My daughters made a video of our place Sunday afternoon:…


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Native American Music Special Show at Radio Hexenkessel from 2pm until 4pm american time and 8pm until 10pm german time. your Welcome to enjoy beautiful music of native american! I am wishing you all…

Native American Music Special Show at Radio Hexenkessel from 2pm until 4pm american time and 8pm until 10pm german time. your Welcome to enjoy beautiful music of native american!

I am wishing you all a great and blessed Christmas and enjoying time for your! Musik für WinAmp: für den Media-Player: und für alle,…


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Native American Winter Solstice Celebration

No matter what our spiritual beliefs, or what part of the world we live, we all share the turning of the sun on the solstices. Winter Solstice on December 21 is the shortest day of the year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. After the Winter Solstice, each day becomes longer until the longest day of the year arrives around June 21st.

Honoring the solstice is something lost to most of us, and it feels deeply meaningful, in a mystical sort of way, to choose to make a glimmer of…


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about me

Hello my name is Verna Dixon Little and I'm 1/2 Cherokee and my great grandmother was full blood Cherokee and her father was willam hawk size more he was a chief of his tribe and his Father was Golden eagle Sizemore I have been working on my family tree for 18yrs on my father side and I have when’t as far back to 1600. And on mother side to you my not believe me what I'm going to say . I'm going to tell you this on my mother side pochontis is my 12 great grandmother people look at me laugh…


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Christmas Virus to watch for. This is real.

Something that might keep you safe.Feel this is worth passing along.

With the holidays coming up, I can see where this could be a real problem.

The newest virus circulating is the UPS/Fed Ex/USPS Delivery Failure.

You will receive an e-mail from UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS along with a packet number.

It will say that they were unable to deliver a package sent to you on such-and-such a date.

It then asks you to print out the invoice copy attached.



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My Heart

Well it seems I don't need a pacemaker, Thank the spirits. My rythem can be controled with 2 pills a day. And a blood thinner. But I still have to go get 2 pints blood drawn off once a month. Seems my bone marrow makes way too much blood. Anybody know a good vampire? Humor LOL

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The Top 10 Nelson Mandela Quotes

Here is our list of the “Top 10 Nelson Mandela Quotes of All-Time.”

1. Nothing in this world is impossible and Mandela makes sure to remind us of that.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

2. A lot of people find it easy to be pessimistic and think of the negatives that can arise out of a situation. But in this quote, Mandela shows us that thinking positive is the only way to go. The more positive you think, the more positive the outcome will probably…


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'He is now at peace': Nelson Mandela dead at 95

Though he was in power for only five years, Mandela was a figure of enormous moral influence the world over – a symbol of revolution, resistance and triumph over racial segregation.

He inspired a generation of activists, left celebrities and world leaders star-struck, won the Nobel Peace Prize and raised millions for humanitarian causes.

Mandela was nine when his father died, and he was sent from his rural village to the provincial capital to be raised by a fellow chief. The…


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