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Moving History: The Evolution of the Powwow

Moving History: The Evolution of the Powwow

“Powwows are a celebration of being Indian!”

By Dennis W. Zotigh

Powwows celebrate being Indian. These events inspire cultural and personal pride in

American Indians. They allow Indian tribes, families, and individuals to come together

for the purpose of feasting, hearing their languages spoken, exchanging arts and crafts,

singing, dancing, and upholding tribal customs. Because the powwow is a recent

Indian… Continue

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Tribes Work with Feds on Eagle Feather Ceremonial Use

By Carol Berry January 31, 2011

DENVER—The eagle, cultural icon to Native Americans and the U.S. alike, is becoming emblematic of something else too: the effort to balance the ceremonial use of threatened animals with federal law.

Tribal representatives are gearing up for a second round of meetings with officials from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to discuss the issues surrounding the ceremonial use of eagles in Indian country. Although the bird was removed from the… Continue

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Scientists Suggest a Native Woman Travelled to Europe a Thousand Years Ago

By ICTMN Staff February 1, 2011

Scientists speculate that a Native woman might have traveled from America to Europe a thousand years ago. This bold theory is based on the genetic research by Agnar Helgason, a scholar at Iceland’s deCODE Genetics and an associate research professor at the University of Iceland. According to an article published on the Time Magazine website, Helgason was researching the origin of the Icelandic population when he discovered that a small group of Icelanders —… Continue

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