I do not wear a mask, but I do take precautions. Social distancing is easy in a small town. I walk to the meadow allot.

Spiritually speaking it's "Mind over matter" or the "Right Use of Free Will." Remember the placebo effect? People thought that sugar water was medicine and many were healed. "Greater Things than I ye can do if only ye Believe." (The Messiah)

I believe that the CV 19 virus is from the Earthly Mother, I am of the Earthly Mother. As long as I Love, Respect and Honor Her, She will take care of me. My heart weeps for the Navajo people because they Honor the Earthly Mother, yet the virus has devastated them.

I wonder if the Navajo devastation is do to mitigating circumstances. There is or was a tremendous amount of fracking and uranium mining on or near their lands. Over the last decade allot of New Mexico was fracked. What shocked me was that the land from Cuba, (central New Mexico) to Bloomfield, (north west New Mexico) had all been fracked. That's hundreds of miles.

One theory is that global warming is melting ice that has been frozen for thousands of years. As it melts it is releasing ancient viruses that were long dormant. Fracking would have the same effect.

I believe the Earthly Mother is sending humanity a message;

"Capitalism is a virus to Her and like a cancer it is killing Her." Capitalism is the consumption or extinctions or exploitation of all the earth's resources which include The Creator's Children for gross profit. (Then off to Mars.)

In contrast, the Bible tells us not to toil the earth's resources for profit. It tells us to be the Earth's Stewards, Her protectors. We are not to exploit Her.

The global economy has slowed down to a trickle and the Earthly Mother has greatly benefited. Many wars have subsided, the skies are blue again, no chemical trails and people are spending more time at home praying. In the pursuit of gold, many do not Commune with the Creator. ("Time is money.") Because of the pandemic, many are praying to the Creator again.

The virus has taught us, it's not about countries, it's not about religions, it's not about the "isms". It's about the Human Race as One People and their Will to Survive. It's bringing us together.

The Bible says; "those who Live in Harmony with the Creator's Will are disease free. Therefore, there is no disease on earth, just people living in dis-ease. Maybe some day we will create World Peace and eliminate all diseases through Love.

Life has taught me "Everything has a Will to Survive". Humanity does, so naturally would a virus and a planet. Maybe it is time for the World to embrace the enlightened concept that the Earthly Mother is alive and She will heal Herself by whatever means.

I believe the message is; Global Warming is Real, putting self above the Health and Welfare of the entire planet is destroying Her and most importantly; IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO SAVE OUR MOTHER.

I was taught the Creator works in mysterious ways, Maybe this is the Creator's way of speaking. Many believe it's the End Times, so in the End Times it would make sense that the Creator would be awakening The Children from the world's deceptions or "Lifting The Veil of Denial." "The meek shall inherit the earth." ????

We can change the world. Please take care.

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Comment by Ms. Down-to-Earth on May 26, 2020 at 1:06pm

I saw a post or e-mail (wish I still had it so I could include it here) about how the earth was hurting but people weren't listening. The earth was hot from climate change so the virus gives people a fever. The earth couldn't breathe with all the pollution so the virus attacks our lungs. But now the earth is healing and, I believe, so will the people.

Comment by WILLA NYOKA (ADMIN) on May 23, 2020 at 9:58pm


Comment by Ms. Down-to-Earth on May 22, 2020 at 1:27pm

Well Written.

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