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So Very Tired When Not Working; Just Wanting to Sleep...

...Whenever I had the chance to check in here after working all day...well; all I wanted was to sleep!

I would get home from work and would get to my pc and sit my bed I would go.

Test after test from doctors and no real cause to my sleepiness.

No disease, no illness; no germ, no virus; nothing at all.

Well, I went to a nutritionist homeopathic naturalistic practitioner and she thinks likely iron deficient and I been working too many long hours and not…


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Pine Tree Hatching

...well, I know the proper term is SPROUTING but for me, well, finding the seeds from an acorn, then watching them sprout and grow into trees they are so precious more like hatching than a sprouting for me! LOL!

Here they are, just beginning:…


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My Precious Bonsai Oak Tree

Just have to share the story of my first real Bonsai Tree; this is an Oak Tree. Well, began as an Acorn I found on the sidewalk under an Oak Tree on one of my many walks. I first placed into a baggy with other Oak seeds then moistened with a bit of napkins then placed into the refrigerator for 1000 hours. Then after that period of time I placed into small natural pots for growing.

After awhile I noticed a few sprouting into soon to be Oak Trees so I thought to turn just one into…


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Keep Pe' Sla area in the Black Hills of South Dakota from development

I am not into politics at all but feel this is of great importance.

Read about it on another site; so I do hope the posting of this here is okay.

Rick Two-Dogs, a Lakota medicine man, summed up the attitude of his people toward the Black Hills:

"All of our origin stories go back to this place. We have a spiritual connection to the Black Hills that can't be sold. I don't think I could face the Creator with an open heart if I ever took money for it."

This is about:…


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Mars Rover Landing---Must watch and see....

Mars Rover Landing---Must watch and see....

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My Son and His Wonderful Nature Photography

Just want to share with you all
the photos and videos of nature my son has been putting together over time.

He has his own U-Tube following
So for a look into the nature of California
and other places he has been

Visit his U-Tube space

And enjoy...

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Having Asthma.....

..... with No Insurance...

Well, I thought my asthma was gone, or at least under such control that I have had absolutely no symptoms in about two years now.

Well, past couple of nights I developed the wheezy symptoms of asthma at sunset that last through the night. Not so bad I cannot breathe but can tell with exertion of any kind, doing my Aerobics after lifting weights, power walks, treadmill and step machine out of the question. I have been trying to think what would… Continue

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Possession of Hawk, Eagle and other bird of prey feathers

I felt important to post this since I reminded myself when I saw a feather the other day and was tempted to bring home that I was not supposed to. I am not NA so against the law for me to even have in my possession.

I used to have quite the collection of lovely feathers then when somebody told me about the law I got scared that I would get busted… Continue

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Birthdays ~Happy Birthday from Warrior Nation!

Birthdays Today

Birthdays Tomorrow

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