Will never understand why some start their bucket lists just before or after retirement..Life is a gift and everyday is a gift.. Of course i did not learn that until i was diagnosed with  cancer while pregnant..i was raised  to understand everyone needs to have a bucket list..Mine was a simple list created with the help of my mother and grandmothers.. like reaching out to someone who needs a friend, or do no harm to our earth or those who crossed my path..

As i grew they told me to live my dreams before marriage, they felt marriages many times suffered because one or both felt they had missed out on something and saw others enjoying  what they had dreamed of doing..Now that i am definitely older than dirt i can say i have seen marriages break apart just for that reason..

After marriage and the cancer   the bucket list changed to  what i wanted with my spouse and the children..Living dreams that took 2 to accomplish and passing on the teachings of my elders so they too could walk  in peace and live their dreams..

Children grow up and sometimes we are left alone to  create another bucket list of whats really important..and i find my list is the same as it was as a child, because i have lived my dreams so now i am back  to  do no harm to our earth or those who cross my path..with a peaceful grateful heart

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Comment by Michael Johnson on June 7, 2018 at 8:28pm


This Glenn Yarbrough song made sense back when I first heard it when I was running from a war and from myself..now over fifty years later when I hear it I think of the places I've been..people I've met knowing now that the journey's over and I'll never see those places again..except in my head..which is enough..cause now I can omit the booze and remember the good times ..even the risky ones ..funny now, like that moose. Peace

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