This is the house blessing ritual I have used for many years to bless a home before or shortly after moving in. The purpose of this ritual is many layered: to clear away any energies which may be lingering in the house from previous inhabitants, to protect the space against unwanted intrusions in the future, to encourage any spirit who might be there to leave and be on their way and to create a loving, harmonious space in which to live.

Everyone who will be living in the house should take part in the ritual. If they have friends and relatives who wish to be involved all the better as this will make all the more strength to the ritual through the power of their positive thoughts. Besides, I have never met a Pagan who does not like a reason for good food and a gathering.

Some might have you leave a door or a window open believing you need to have a way for negativity to escape, but for me I believe the fresh air entering the room is a positive thing all on its own. Whether it is day time or night time lower the lights and work by candle light as the soft as your mind works better in the softness of candle light rather than the harshness of manmade light. If working at night, put out all lights except a single candle

When you are all ready create sacred space by casting a circle. This circle though will include all of the house and not just the people in the room. As you cast using whatever you prefer to cast with slowly turn around envision the entire home as enclosed within the sacred space. This is something I have often done in ritual in the past if there are children present it takes away parents worry that their children will somehow be disrupting the ritual by running in and out of circle. You may now the elements or whatever other your method, you might prefer. If you wish to invoke a Pantheon for this ritual, a likely choice is to pair a domestic or hearth goddess, with a protective god to fill the needs of a house blessing.

Now proceed around the house deosil (clockwise), going into and out of each room, and smudging with a burning sage stick. It does not if you use Flat Cedar or White Sage, whatever you prefer will work just as well; remember to do the closets and each corner. Take the time to do all of the people who have gathered at the ritual as well.

Now for protection light dragons blood incense and go through the house a second time. Walk around the house deosil (clockwise), going into and out of each room. Stop at each window and say, "May no harm cross this portal." (You may choose to make the sign of the pentagram; I leave that up to you at each window and door.)

Continue through the door and when you leave the room stop again and repeat, "May no harm cross this portal." When all the rooms have been cleansed with dragons' blood, it will be time for the last part.

The third part of the ritual cleansing of the house is to set how the home will be lived in. A home of love and happiness, filled with joy and peace. In the center of each room lavender incense is burned. The owners of the home light the incense saying, "May our home be filled with love, happiness, and peace."

When they return to the alter after lighting all the incense in each of the rooms, we share a small ritual meal and share our well wishes as a group to the home dwellers. Then open the circle, and enjoy each other company for a bit longer.

A house blessing is many ways layered like an onion. There are layers, which are easy to see, and the ones you will not see unless you peel them away.

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Comment by Chris Durbin on May 4, 2020 at 5:23am

Thanks for this article. I like it.
Back in the 80's Judy and I belonged to a physic church in New Albany, Indiana. We lived in Louisville and wanted to move to New Albany. We found this house on main street and we "claimed" it by placing our hands on the side of the house telling it how much we loved it and would take care of it. The sale went through. Of course the house came with it's own "resident" and there was a railroad track 300 feet from the back of the house. When we moved to Florida we had to sell it and every time I have a chance to go to Louisville to visit family, visiting this house is always on the list. Here is a picture taken this year. I think it needs a little TLC today?

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