Daytime Meditation Ritual of Hedgewitch

Some might tell you to find a sacred place but all places are sacred.

Some might tell you, you need to be in the forest, or by the sea, or on a mountain, but any place will do.

Some might tell you, you need tools, candles, athame, wand, a representation of The Lord and Lady, a bit of salt and maybe a bell or incense.

You need none of these things. For you have everything you need within yourself, the greatest tool of all, your mind.

You can lie down if your body is incapable of sitting, but I have found over the years sitting works best for me as it becomes so peaceful so utterly enjoyable as I am embraced in my ritual I could drift into sleep.

I do not live in a city; and so, most often I tend to do this outside, but I am physically disabled so when the weather is to slippery for me to attempt to venture outside my rituals are done within the confines of my home or porch.

The clothing I wear is always something that makes me feel comfortable and in the right frame of mind for what I am about to do. I cannot tell you what that would be for you; it is something you will have to figure out for yourself. I do not bath first after all I bath every day. If for some reason I feel I need a vibrational change that would be different, I might consider it.

Sit on the ground with no cover beneath me, palms soft dropping where they wish.

I will not go into the meditation I use as that would be a set of classes but suffice to say once I am in a meditative state I envision a circle surrounding me. I let the color of the circle change as it wills as it circles me for color is irrelevant. Then I wait.... Waiting is the best part... open.. exposed..venerable...

The elements greet me sometimes one by one, sometimes all at once, and sometimes I must encourage them.

The sun warms my face with a caress, a light breeze trickles my nose with a piece of errant hair. The ground beneath me grows hard reminding me it is there. The earth ever present it's scent sometimes green and growing. My fingers always seem to find their way into the soil at my sides or between my legs as if they are seeking to take root. If the soils is damp the then element of water has greeted me as well if not it takes but a lick of my own lips to be blessed with the greeting as well as I am a being made up mostly of this element myself.

My time here can be short, or it can be long it all depends on how much time I need to rejuvenate my soul as I am connected with nature far more than with any pantheon.
When it thunders and lightening and rain pours from the sky, it is just another chance for a similar meditation.

(If you need to do this in the house sit near a window where the sun comes in, open it if you can. If you cannot you will have to envision much more while in meditation)

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