It happened again
It happened again;

I was driving home from the store and had just turned the corner onto our dead end road. The first house is a well maintained little house over 100 years old, but no one lives there. The owners are long since passed away and the children and grand children keep up the pretense to keep the property from being vandalized. As I was coming around the corner something at the edge of their drive way caught my eye. It looked odd, and animal but sort of different. I live on the edge of miles and miles of forest and then the mountains. It could be anything.

This animal had slid down to the side where I knew there was a drainage hole. I stopped my car and got out cautiously, once again it could be anything. I knew it was small but the color was off. It was not brown, kind of grey, maybe it was a rat, and there is a creek nearby. Just as I got to the edge of their drive I saw a kitten she was all eyes. Her head seemed disproportioned for the size of those sweet grey eyes. I reached for her and she seemed to shuffle back from me but not run. When I lifted her it was then I realized her left front leg was broken. Not just a little break but a compound fracture and her little foot looked like it was smashed flat. My heart came up and into my throat I knew at once she would have to lose that leg.

I brought her back with me into the car placing her in my lap; my service dog was in the back seat very interested in what I had brought back with me. My driveway was the next turn, as soon as I got to the top of my drive way I called my husband on the cell and asked him to come help me. I had no qualms that he would not want to help he has a huge heart and when he saw her he felt as badly as I did.

One of my best friends is a vet I called her to see what she thought, as sometimes kittens can have their legs splinted rather than removed, but in the end I took her to the clinic and the kitten had to have it amputated. Four days later we picked her up. She was depressed and did not want to do anything for about a week. I was worried she would not come out of it. Then one day she started to play and soon she earned the nickname “Heathen”. She terrorizes my 14 and 15 pound male cats. She can climb to the top of the cat pole and run up and over the couch. She darts in and out… under and over. She thinks she is the BIG bad cat in the house and maybe one day she will be.

Like all the cats in my house I named her after a flower her name is Damiana but Annie, or Heathen depending on the moment.


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Comment by robbie J on August 5, 2012 at 2:41pm

wow this is so nice to hear that it did not end as some time it dose! well done and hope she drives you mad!! (with fun!)

Comment by Ms. Down-to-Earth on July 30, 2012 at 1:49pm

I was happy to read the happy ending and I wish you all years of fun together.

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