I Am Nothing

I am of no importance
I am just a man nothing more
I have to answer to only one
That is not you or anyone else
I am not here for you to like
My life does not go around you
You have yours to live so let it be
I have a hard enough time
Just taking care of mine
Let alone worry about yours
I have to take care of those
Whom I love in my life
I have to take care of my own
I need to see to their needs
As best as I can
I owe them because
They are here for me
Even when I don’t need them
They take me for me
I don’t need to be
Someone or anything else
They knew like everyone else
What you see is what you get
When it comes down to me
Right from the very start
So they took me for that and let it alone
Only asked that I take care of myself
Because they care so much for me
So by doing so I have to take care
Not just for me but for them
Because they matter to me
I care for them as well you see
They came into my life
Giving of themselves freely
Asking only that I care for me
By doing so I owe them more
By caring more for them
Not just as family
But as someone who means more
People who had faith enough in me
To be someone to care for
To become a part of their lives
In more ways than one
Those who are closes to me
Have the faith in God enough to believe
There is even enough for
Someone like me
I may not have their faith in him
But I do have my faith in them
That my friend is good enough for me
I Am Nothing
But to them

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