The sound of lead hitting plate steel
The snap as one zips close by
The force of the explosions
Will this be the day someone will die?

As there doesn’t seem much of any
Certain prerequisites for that choice
One moment they are with you, laughing, talking
The next just the memory of their silenced voice

So how do you deal with all of it?
It just gets crammed down inside
This is no place to admit you’re scared
And there is not enough time to stop and cry

So in the still quiet nights the soul trembles
From nerves on razors edge during the day
Once again the only way you'll get to sleep tonight
Is to drown those dreams away

Till eventually comes the day break
And once again it will be time to roll
Rested or not there is the job to do
And you know you have to go

Written By:

© AJ, Wayne Holtfreter
RVN 2'68/1’69

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