Not only is it Friday today and Easter coming up, but I am off to see my two grandsons today as soon as their Dad picks me up after he gets off work. Charlie will have spent the afternoon in pre-kindergarten (he's 3) and Lucas got up to his usual antics and hit the TV cabinet so hard that David's VERY expensive camera and lens fell off to hit the floor!
He is only 13 months old so we can't be too upset with him--that's Lucas, not David!
The sun is shining and I think this is part of how our Spring weather used to be way back when. The government put out a stupid warning for people to fill up their gas tanks as there may be a strike of hauliers, which now means long queues for gas at all the service stations, some have put up closed signs as they have run out of supplies, and one stupid woman filled up some jerry cans with petrol (gas) and was transferring them into another container when it blew up--she had the cooker on! She has 40% burns but I really can't feel too sorry for her as that was just plain stupidity.
Enough for today, but hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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Comment by Gloster Gal on March 30, 2012 at 1:49pm

It is now almost 10pm here and I got back about 30 minutes ago. David has given me a DVD of "The Help" after I told him how much I had enjoyed the book (on my Kindle) which means tomorrow I shall not be doing too much of anything except watching the movie! I changed my patch today and it is now 35m/hr and has to be changed every four days. The previous one was good for 7 days at a time but this is going to make me write down WHEN to change the patch or I will forget. At least it helps me sleep even if it doesn't help with the pain all that much. Tonight was really great as I had fixed burritos and taKen everything over there so all we had to do was sit and eat. Regy had made the salad and guacamole - she put chopped cucumber in there--never heard of that before but it was okay. Nothing like REAL guacamole though. She apologised if it wasn't as good as mine--bless her. David has a cold - he says everyone at work has one and blames the air-conditioning which just spreads the germs around. I am going to go to bed and read my Kindle in about 20 minutes so hope I can stay awake long enough to finish the story I am reading right now...a bit gory actually, but still good. All for now.

Comment by Ms. Down-to-Earth on March 30, 2012 at 9:46am

Thanks for sharing.

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