Last night after leaving the Accident and Emergency department of the hospital (I had broken my foot) I saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Needless to say, I didn't have my camera with me as it was the last thing I needed while at the hospital! LOL.
Tomorrow my grandson Charlie (almost 5 years old--November 30th) starts school and is coming over after school to show me his uniform. If you know about schools in the U.K., you will know that uniforms as mandatory in order not to have some children who have rich parents dress "up-market" while others have to wear either 2nd hand or hand-me-down clothes. This way they are all uniform and no one stands out. Charlie is very excited about starting school and I only hope he can curb his enthusiasm for talking about everything under the sun. His two-year old brother, Lucas, will miss him as they are very close and it is so good to see their love for each other although I must say that just on a few occasions Charlie gets a little upset with Lucas when he takes his Lego models and pulls them apart! Boys will be boys.
The weather is beautiful and we have had the best summer for decades but no rain (which is needed) and I often wonder why we can't harness all the rain instead of letting it flood the land and then six months later we have a drought. I suppose that is progress.
I hope everyone had a lovely summer. My shoulder is still not back to normal and my hips are giving me gip but the pelvic fractures are healed so hopefully I will be running races again real soon (haha) I will be 81 years old on September 24th so I suppose I am entitled to a few aches and pains. My brain is still 100% functionable though so that is a good thing.
Hugs to everyone and while I don't get in here very often I do think of you all every day.

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