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Stand Against Abuse

It is not about "touching" your feminine side. It is not about worshipping, nor, kowtowing, nor, being something "less" than a man. It IS about being a man. It IS about being a Warrior. It IS about being and doing, in YOUR every breath, the RIGHT thing. It IS about knowing One cannot exist wholly without the Other, no matter in which direction your perception leads. If you were wronged, do no wrong. If you were beaten, withhold your fists. If you were molested, use your voice and join the…


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Wounded Knee

"Memory should not be selective, if the truth of spirit is to be known. No other creature on earth attempts to empty their life of their reality. We do so on a regular basis, to fool others and ourselves." ~chowilawu~

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Between Somewhere and Other Places

Footprints lain along the beach's sand

are forged not for us to remember love

but to feed the ocean's insatiable appetite

of creating pristine places for her to meet us

She dances because bodies must move

She sings because life has tempo and metre

She walks within the forest's loamy aroma

because the primordial ocean is too far away

She plays lithesome amongst the stars

in that space seldom seen between the twinkles

in that place we too…


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Thanksgiving - Canada - A Few Thoughts - 2012

Ahhhhh! Thanksgiving and Columbus day at the same time. What a fascinating combination. Being an ex-pat allows for this anomaly to occur at all. Each of the major North American cultures look at one of the days quite differently, and, the other only in the United States. Added to that, my brothers and sisters also have very differing views of both of these days than what I had learnt in elementary schools in middle class America.

First, Columbus day.

I never felt that the…


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Leonard Peltier Thoughts - Columbus Day 2012

"I don't know how to save the world. I don't have the answers or The Answer... I only know that without compassion and respect for all of earth's inhabitants, none of us will survive -- nor will we deserve to." ~Leonard Peltier

Sitting amongst ourselves in the Talking Circle, I hold the Eagle's feather in both hands. Looking upward I breathe softly knowing wordsand their use are of man's creation and thus are flawed, as are all of man's attempts to ressemble, instead of be, the…


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Wiser Once a Fool



Blown up into something




A star


Alien beings

A birth in Bethlehem


The Qur'an



Global Economies




Magic underwear



Outer space

The beyond


A star



I heard the wail just as I turned my head…


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