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Rhyme Time Fun Time

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One-word Scrabble

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Christmas 2016

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Christmas 2015

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Comment by Loretta Riddell on Saturday

Comment by Loretta Riddell on Saturday

Wishing Everyone a safe weekend... There are days when it seems smiles are hard to find especially when you know a loved one is facing hard choices.. That seems to be true for me today yet I have to Smile and pray nobody has to walk the same road... A futile pray for sure because as I have lived I know many walk the same path.. Making the choice of whats right and loving someone..Protecting a young innocent from the wrongs of adults before it is old enough to think their actions are acceptable. Life is not simple or easy but I have to believe God placed it on my plate and he will get me through it... and with that thought I can smile.. Hopefully everyone can wear a smile today and in the following days..{yes this is my vent today because I am safe here}

Comment by Loretta Riddell on Thursday

Survived the wind storm, had a business building that had it's roof totally collapsing bringing down a power line.. Lots of trees laid down on the roads but it seems everyone is safe and unharmed.. So I can Smile.. Then I woke to find a Family Member and Veteran has moved on to a better place very Peacefully.. So yes there are no tears just beautiful Memories to carry with me.. So yes I can Smile.. Because I never know what burdens another lives with I refuse to be anything but positive today...
Depression, anxiety, fear of the unknown takes it's toll on so many so I hope each and everyone of us Share Smiles, Show Compassion and Caring Kindnesses to Everyone and Everything today and everyday.

Comment by Loretta Riddell on October 17, 2017 at 4:09pm

No negative here but I did have one in my home who was highly allergic to spider bites and instead of killing them I other non harming methods to keep the 2 apart... Now instead I watch them and yes one has now encased a fly in her web and is working on a second one..
Thanks for again sharing your wisdom

Comment by Tsoi Tawodi on October 17, 2017 at 3:37pm

It is truly interesting with Spider...many Native stories about her being a grand mother, and yes, my point in my analogy was that she can inspire that bit of trepidation or fear for those who do not really know her.
Her body is like the figure 8...having no beginning nor end, a constant from body to head and back again, just as our life takes us from the physical to the spiritual and back again and when we take the time to gather ourselves at the point of intersection of spirit and body, then we are balanced.
I did not intend to give the impression of anything negative about Grandmother spider by the way...just the way so many react to her.
With her web, she weaves with great effort to build her world and as she builds, so she lives which teaches us that the life we live is what we ourselves have built with our decisions and perceptions. Her life/home is one of order and when something comes into contact with it she feels the vibration and knows if it is something good or not, and we have that same opportunity. Amazing that other things will stick to her web but she does not and it is understood that the straight lines in her web are not sticky yet the circular ones are ... so she teaches us that if there is a vibration in our web of life to go straight to the situation and not run in circles (of gossip or conjecture) and get 'stuck' in the web of life that can hold us back from our goal. Go to the source and solve the situation. She can leave her web on a single strand and dangle in the wind in a comical way at times thus teaching us to laugh at our own selves and yet she does eventually land where she had planned and reminds us to have the patience to do the same. She is not in a hurry....but we seem to live by a ticking clock. She has eight legs, twice the sacred number of four and teaches us to use our legs to walk in balance with the four directions just as she does....don't trample...walk with care. She does not destroy all that she touches, but rather when things come into her web she will often wrap it up for later use and reminds us to think ahead...prepare for the days ahead just as the Native People prepared for the seasons of change. She can climb the most difficult walls and teaches us that we too can reach our goal no matter how steep the mountain may seem to be if we can 'stick' to our goal and not give up. When she sees a flaw in her web she moves to correct it and reminds us to do the same rather than say, oh well....I'll get to it later because later may never come. Spider can be found in high and low places reminding us that no mater the highs and lows that may come in our own life that like her, we can adjust and make do if only we try.
Yes...Spider can strike fear into some just as we can strike fear into others who do not see us smile. She is a grandmother so some and foe to others but that all depends on our own perception.
I hope this clears up any thing I may have posted to give a negative impression of her. She is part of our family.....yet so many have no real clue as to what makes a family member a family member.

Comment by Loretta Riddell on October 17, 2017 at 11:05am

Tsoi thank you for the vision of the spider
Yet I can do it no harm
For they were the inspiration of the Spider Dreamweavers
As in life there is good and bad in all aspects of life
So I do no harm to any of the Almighty's spiders
I shall defend myself with Eucalyptus scents
that they prefer to avoid....

Comment by Tsoi Tawodi on October 16, 2017 at 6:42pm

Val, I hope your father is doing well after the surgery and all will be well. Your love will help carry him on with his recovery for sure. are such an inspiration to all of us here and no human words would express the thanks you deserve. What you said about smiling reminds me of what I was once told. Imagine you sitting at your desk late in the evening with minimal light working on your computer or reading and in the corner of your eye you see a fast movement and then it is gone. You know it is a large spider but you don't know where it went. You get that bit of fear and uncertainty and nervously look around. Now consider our own self and what reaction people have when they see it fear and dread? Or is it a smile and gratitude? That smile we can give so freely will determine what others feel when they see us. Thank you Loretta for your wisdom and love and to those who have loved ones in situations right now remember that your own love is as powerful as any human made medicine. Love is the great medicine of life.
Walk in beauty each one....I am so glad I can enter this lodge and find peace and love when the whole world seems to be going insane at times.
Each of you are my peaceful harbor among the stormy seas...
Equa Wado....great thanks
Sidanelai.....we are all family

Comment by Loretta Riddell on October 16, 2017 at 11:46am

The maple tree is quickly turning to oranges and reds and beautiful pretty soon it will be all red and then the rake will have to come out..Don't think I will wait for the winds to share them with others in the neighborhood..Now it's time to get everything ready for winter and prepare just in case we get high winds this winter..Which is the norm when you live near the ocean...Today I hope everyone is Smiling if not to make yourself beautiful then for those who need to see a beautiful face.. in their time of need.. Had a friend life flighted to a hospital and they are trying to find the reason for blood in the brain.. Since I cannot be there I am hoping his Wife and Family see smiles of compassion, caring and even a glimmer of hope of discovering what's wrong and fixing it.Another of my Nam Brothers and Family that has been living with the after affects of wearing the uniform in a foreign land..
Please Smile today cause you never know who you may meet .. It could be a Veteran, Soldier, Cancer Patient, or someone who is fighting a unknown medical problem and you may be the only bright spot of their day..
May my God keep you all safe and from harm of any kind

Comment by Val on October 16, 2017 at 8:01am

Hello everyone

Long time no post

Sorry, with our work and my father's heart surgery recovery I have been very very busy and just no time to stop by

I hope you are all doing wonderfully and staying safe from floods, other weather and fires

Northern California fires are so sad and devastating

My heart breaks for those who have lost their lives with no escape and those who have lost everything

We are safe from any fire areas, thankfully.

I will stop in again as soon as I can

Blessings and prayers of peace, joy, good health to everyone

Comment by Loretta Riddell on October 14, 2017 at 7:12am

Wishing Everyone a wonderful weekend filled with Love, Peace and Heart Warming Smiles


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