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Thank You All for Joining My New Group BabyBoomers

During the upcoming weeks, I will be adding what I hope will be of interests to all within the group, a stroll down memory lane, and other…

Started by missygreyeyes in Discussions

1 Oct 23, 2010
Reply by LadyHawkღ

Criminals in Nursing Homes?

Suggestion is to put our seniors in jail and the criminals in nursing homes. This way the seniors would have access to the showers, hobbies…

Started by LadyHawkღ in Discussions

0 Sep 19, 2010

Petraeus: Quran Burning Could Endanger US Troops

(Sept. 6) -- Throughout history, whenever books have been set on fire, passions have been unleashed. In Gainesville, Fla., a pastor's plan…

Started by LadyHawkღ in Discussions

3 Sep 10, 2010
Reply by LadyHawkღ

Last Lakota code talker Clarence Wolf Guts dies at 86

Posted: Friday, June 18, 2010 When the towers of the World Trade Center fell on Sept. 11, 2001, Clarence Wolf Guts asked his son to call th…

Started by LadyHawkღ in Discussions

0 Aug 26, 2010

Indian Burial Customs Vary Widely

By Annie Greenberg An Alaska Native group will continue its traditional winter burials this year despite a conflict with a local cemetery…

Started by LadyHawkღ in Discussions

0 Aug 26, 2010


First I wanted to write about something that affects everyone in the world. I have no expert knowledge of the subject of oil. I have an op…

Started by Earth Monster in Discussions

3 Aug 10, 2010
Reply by Earth Monster

Gentle Warrior

Our Elders have taught us many lessons about becoming a Warrior and how to think and act like one. We have been told about the power of gen…

Started by Dr Edie Hansen in Discussions

2 Jul 30, 2010

hello my friends not good news guys....sorry

hello to all my friends,i'm sorry for not being here....please understand that my junebug is close to the end.....i'm spending all my time…

Started by Lady Cherokee Angel (aka linda) in Discussions

0 Jul 26, 2010

The Legend of the Thunderbird

A Passamaquoddy Legend This is a legend of long, long ago times. Two Indians desired to find the origin of thunder. They traveled north and…

Started by LadyHawkღ in Discussions

0 Jul 19, 2010

Blending of the Old Culture with New. What do you think?

This video has created quite some discussion among my family and friends at home. When I first saw this I was mesmerized by the ease of the…

Started by LadyHawkღ in Discussions

0 Jul 18, 2010


Birthdays ~Happy Birthday from Warrior Nation!

For the Warriors who fight and Die...

so the rest of us may fight to Live.


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