Ahhh Ladies you make me smile! Thank you so much for the e-mails and putting up such a fight... I can explain some of the reasons but not all. First of all it's not money. When I started asking for donations 5 months ago Golden Eagle gifted the first year to us. I have received many gracious donations from the members over the past few months and the money is in the site pay pal account towards another year. About NING: The old accounts were locked until they were paid for. I believe these sites are still there, but nobody has access to them. Many of those sites moved to Social Paradox. NING has to approve a transfer of names on a site and the new owner recieves the site as is...Over the last week I was in discussions with another site creator about merging our networks. He has close to 200 members and like here only a handful of them are active. His demand to merge was for me to delete all of the groups that were non Native American or Indian. He considered it immoral to have a Cherokee group next to a Metallica group, that I had lost sight of what Indian sites were supposed to be about. I took offense to that and sent him the e-mail that I sent out the first week we were here smiling knowing that many of his members would probably like it here. If you have a minute please read it. Hopefully it will show you the kind of person I really am and my wish for the site... http://warriornation.ning.com/forum/topics/recent-questions-about-w... Many, many members have said that there is alot of love and good energy here, they really like being here. But...there is only a very small percentage of members that really participate in the site. We really have no new members coming in and we have lost 12 members in the last couple of months. Alot of our group creators here are gone and only sign on to reply to a post. Most of the members that signed up 3 to 5 months ago never came back because they didn't want to take the time to build a new site... Honesty...I was told last week to step back and evaluate our site as a new member signing up and my first day here. If you do the same thing I believe you will see what I did.

 ~I know many of you are on more social sites than you can handle right now... ~I've been on sites where the creator has demanded you participate or be deleted...LOL, I left those sites, I've always participated in the sites I was on but I thought the demand itself was wrong.

~I have asked many times in the newsletters about ideas for the site and have never really received any feedback which to me meant that there really wasn't any interest. I have also added that if anyone needed help learning how to do your page, comments or start a group to just ask. Once again...nothing...

~What do you want to do with the site? Big Hugs, LadyHawk

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