Waking up..and getting up in our mobile home goes like this:
5:30-5:45 am first cat arrives on bed while three others await
results in the wings, cat # 1 proceeds to walk up and down our bodys
from head to toe..waiting..for a reaction from either of us.
If it gets one..a twitch..groan..any movement it will start kneeding the
offending human ..purring loudly..if this gets no result after a few minutes
cat # 2 & 3 will position themselves by the sleeping humans pillow and meow
into each ear.
If the human's survive this cat # 4 will jump on bed and instigate a faux battle
with the other three with all the sound effects such action requires..finally resulting
in one or both humans getting up...at six am give or take a year or two.

Now you'd think that all one has to do is close the bedroom door solving the problem
this results in yowling in unison..and.. or door scratching and finally four cats performing NASCAR around the moble home with all the sound effects such an event would entail resulting in the same outcome..only louder.

But ..if.. you have an early appointment some where and forget to set the alarm


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I can just envision that!
I wish I could have cats again! Maybe soon...


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