Yellowknife..Northwest Territories :
I was working as a cook bordering Great Slave Lake sometime in the early seventies
at one of those eateries that pop up on the fringe of any- town-anywhere and hoping to winter there as they supplied a room and bed along with meals and a small stipend for my work. this I was told is the deepest lake in North America to which I just shrugged as anything below 3 feet of water was beyond my interest at the time.
Anyway at the time of my visit anything a mile or so out of the city was still relatively wild and this being the case I spent all of my free time wandering there trying to control my alcohol intake by removing myself from it's vicinity.

One day -a Monday if it matters I was walking along through a stand of Spruce when
there was a crashing of underbrush along with a sound kinda like a roar and as whatever it was seemed to be on a direct line to where i was.. vacating the area seemed to be the thing to do..outrunning whatever it was while in timber wasn't going to happen so instead I went up ..and up..and up about 20 feet up what I later found to
be a rather thin tree.and upon looking down found that what appeared to be a Bull Moose with huge antlers (they were really rather puny as Moose antlers go) looking up at me with a distraught expression on his long face (pun intended).

I then remembered the month of the year-late September and the warning passed
on to me by the locals that September and October was the mating season for the local Moose population and that the Bulls lost their minds about that time trying to get laid,
and having lost my own for similar reasons a time or too-you'd think i'd have paid
more attention.
Well..there I was up a tree so to speak..and there he was..down below..about 9 or 10 feet below as he probably stood 7 feet at his shoulders and 3 more to the tip
of his antlers..drool dripping from his jowls (really) or it could have been snot from that 8 foot nose..he then proceeded to rub his antlers against my thin tree
causing the same to vibrate and sway, and I wish he would stop doing that. And to
make matters worse I noticed wounds on his rump and hind quarters and knew I
had on my hands a jilted lover and having been there myself I actually felt sorry
for him..until he rattled my tree again..this went on for a hour or so and even longer til I was sure I was alone..and back in town..and I told nobody..til now.

This then began my everlasting love affair with Moose
and whenever I could from that day on,
i've invited one home for dinner. Heh Heh

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